Plone Conference 1

To celebrate the success that Plone has become, we are holding a mini-conference to get a worldwide pulse on Plone and its uses. Plone is being used in a myriad of ways that you would not expect. A Plone Conference provides a forum for people to come and share their experiences, and meet some of the most important people in the Plone World. What? The conference will consist of two main sections, one day of tutorials and two days of talks. Day One - "Tutorials":/events/Conference/Tutorials Day Two and Three - "Talks":/events/Conference/Talks Prior to the conference there will be a "sprint":/events/Conference/Sprints Where? New Orleans, "Tulane University": When? October 15 - 17th, 2003 Questions, Feedback? Organisers are Alan Runyan and Andy McKay, for feedback, email us at ""