Plone Conference 2009 Selection Process

Information about our Plone Conference 2009 proposals, and how Plone Foundation members can help select the location for Plone Conference 2009.

We've received two outstanding proposals for hosting Plone Conference 2009:

  1. Barcelona, Spain (PDF)
  2. Budapest, Hungary (PDF)

Thanks to Ramon Navarro Bosch and Balázs Reé, respectively, for leading these two conference teams, and for the many hours of work that have already gone into both of these proposals.

The next step in the process is discussion and voting amongst Plone Foundation members.  Voting and discussion runs through 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, November 30, and is open to Plone Foundation members only.

  • Plone Foundation members: vote here
  • Discussion is happening on the Plone Foundation Membership email list.

Next steps

As in previous years, The Plone Foundation board of directors will make the final selection of the conference venue.  But, as always, we place a tremendous amount of weight in the collective wisdom of the Foundation membership — as expressed both through voting and discussion.

We expect to announce the location of Plone Conference 2009 on or around December 12, 2008!