Plone Foundation Board Minutes May 30, 2024

Meeting started at 20:03 UTC.


Present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Paul Roeland, Mikel Larreategi, Guido Stevens, Eric Brehault. Kim Paulissen is excused.


Approval of the minutes of May 16th

Mikel moves to approve, Martin seconds.All in favor, but Guido who abstains, the minutes are approved.

Check if action items were followed up

Follow up on Framework team - Mikel Larreategi: no problem with coordination between teams so far.

Contact People about Zope Foundation Funds - Martin Peeters: no news.

Incoming correspondence

No new incoming correspondence

New Business

No new business

Continued Business

Google Summer of Code 2024: One of the students needs the flight tickets to obtain his visa and he does not have the fundings, so he cannot wait for reimbursment. The board is considering buying a refundable ticket for him.

Plone Conference 2024: meeting next week

Sponsorship program: Martin will ask Erico to present the new sponsorship levels during the next Board meeting.

Membership Committee renewal: the meeting was cancelled.

Zope Foundation Funds: no news

Review Ongoing

  • The Plone ReadTheDocs domain is secured
  • The security team rearrangement is almost done

Eric moves to adjourn the meeting, Martin seconds the motion. All in favor, the meeting is adjourned.

Meeting adjourned at 20:36 UTC.