Plone Foundation Board Minutes March 7, 2024

Call to Order

  • The meeting started at 20:02 UTC.


  • Present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Mikel Larreategi, Paul Roeland, Guido Stevens.
  • Kim Paulissen and Éric Bréhault are excused.


Approval of the minutes of February 22nd

  • Martin moves to approve the minutes, Mikel seconds. Paul abstains. Minutes are approved.

Check if action items were followed up

  • Finalize transaction
    • Martin transfert the information for domain transfert to Fred Van Dijk and Paul followed up.
  • Follow up on Framework team
    • Mikel: no update.
  • Contact People about Zope Foundation Funds
    • Martin: no update except incoming correspondence.
  • Contact Jens again about the Tiny Shiny Alpine City Sprint
    • Martin in contact with Jens.
  • Cancel the renewal of some Plone domains
    • Paul cancelled the renewal.
  • Contact Kitconcept and Redturtle about sprint funding
    • Discuss in New Business.
  • Send our feedbacks to Steve Percy about the Google Season of Docs draft proposal
    • Martin sent proposal to Steve Piercy about metrics. Paul to meet with Steve to finalize.

Incoming correspondence

  • 2024-02-26 - Johannes Raggam - Sprint Funding Request - Buschenschanksprint 2024
    • Discuss in New Business.
  • 2024-03-01 - Charitable Allies - Zope Foundation Funds
    • Discuss in Continued Business
  • 2024-03-03 - Eric Bréhault - Next Meeting
    • Brian will take secretarial notes.
  • 2024-02-27 - David Ichim new a11y team
    • Paul has questions, discuss in New Business.
    • Do newly forming teams need board approval? - Paul: Team can form themselves, we can express appreciation, and then we can approve.

New Business

  • Sprint Budgetting
    • Our sprint budgeting needs to be adjusted.
    • Original Sprint Budget: Mega: 8k, Large: 4k, Small: 6k (1.5k x4), Community: 1.2 k (0.3k x4)
      • Beethoven and Salamina are mega sprints, so we might split the total 12k budget between them.
      • Tiny Shiny Alpine City Sprint and Buschenschanksprint (16 attendees) are “Big Smalls” so we might split the total 6k budget between them.
    • Proposed New Sprint Budget: Mega/Large: 12k (6k x2), Big Small: 6k (3k x2), Community: 1.2k (0.3k x4)
    • Eric to contact redturte and kitconcept to see if they can split? Guido to talk with Johannes, then bring it back for a vote.
  • Executive Session
  • volto-a11y Team Proposal
    • current a11y team is just Paul, so no need to subdivide communities. Paul to contact David.
    • Should get iMio involved.
    • Brian: Can publish a11y team page and news release on promoting a11y team renewal and volto-a11y as our initial focus.
  • Review Board Priorities
    • We each gave a brief summary of what’s being worked on.
      • Sponsors: Ongoing
      • Plone Ambassadors: Renewed
      • inclusion/diversity: Proposal drafting
      • a11y team: Discussed in new business
      • Sprints: Many are happening.
      • rebuild: Brian to start work on it next Plone Tune-Up Day
      • Market Plone to outside groups: Reinforcing Headless CMS marketing. Brian planning PloneConf presentation on volto+API
      • Quaive: Guido/Brian/Fred to discuss. Fred has list of handles.

Continued Business

  • GSOC
    • Paul: Lots of contributor agreements getting signed, doing introductions. GSoC needs more mentors. Paul wrote RSS proposal. Read student proposals, sorting through low quality entries.
    • Guido: Is there a list of what projects need mentored? Paul/Eric to provide.
  • Plone Conference 2024
    • Mikel: Conference committee having meetings every 2 weeks, doing good, well-prepared. Working on venue prep and transportation (Transportation is a nightmare in Brazil).
    • Mikel: There will be a call for papers in April, then later on tickets. Working on payments setup.
  • Sponsorship program
    • No news
  • Membership Committee renewal
    • No news
  • Zope Foundation funds
    • Martin will follow up with the incoming correspondence and we will keep retainer for now.

Review Ongoing

  • Paul discussed with Maurits at Steering Circle keeping support for Python 3.10.


  • Mikel moves to adjourn. Guido seconds. Unanimously approved.
  • Meeting adjourned at 21:05 UTC