Plone Foundation Board Minutes June 27, 2024

Meeting started at 20:01 UTC



Present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Mikel Larreategi, Guido Stevens, Paul Roeland and Eric Brehault.
Excused: Kim Paulissen.

Approval of the minutes of June 13th

Paul moves to approve the minutes, Martin seconds. All in favor, but Eric who abstains. The minutes are approved.

Check if action items were followed up

Framework team: see below.
Zope Foundation Funds : no news yet.

Incoming correspondence

Email from Steve Piercy

  • Plone training site needs to be aligned with the Plone Conference training sessions planning (also we need to find the trainers).
  • Steve Piercy volunteers to seek grants to finance Plone's development. Paul will coodinate with him.
  • Post on about the Framework team current status: On the technical side, there are specific teams covering the technical efforts and reviewing specific aspects (like Volto, Plone REST API, Security, etc.).
    Still, it does not guarantee a coordinated effort, for example there is a concern about the lack of coordination regarding Plone Classic, as Volto moves faster than Plone Classic.
    It is not clear if the Steering Circle Committee could be sufficient to coordinate the Plone community efforts.
    The board proposes to discuss it over an open-space session at the next Plone Conference, ideally preceded by preparatory discussions between the existing teams.
  • Steve is updating documentation to include critical information about how to develop and contribute to Plone core. He needs feedback about it.

New Business

Follow up on board priorities

  • New sponsor relations program: Erico is almost finished. He plans to present it in 2 weeks.
  • Foundation membership renewal: still need to be finalized.
  • Inclusion and diversity: we need to progress on this topic. Fortunately, the Google Summer of Code is helping on this.
  • Sprints: we have a lot of sprints this year, and that's good. Nevertheless, we noted that sprints tend to be large. We should push for more local small sprints.
  • Renew Plone Amabassadors: done
  • Revitalize the teams page on Good progress. Some work is still needed to be done on the layouts.
  • Revitatlize some teams:
    • Accessibility team: the language bareer is a blocker with the current participants.
    • Classic UI team: not much progress
    • Subcommunities (PloneGov, PloneEdu): no progress
  • Marketing and Plone promotion: Plone headless initiative is a good example of what we can do. We need to continue on this path.

(Follow up on board priorities to be continued in the next meeting)

Continued Business

Google Summer of Code 2024: that's the mid term reviews period. So far, the 3 projects are going well.

Plone Conference 2024: tickets will be on sale tomorrow.

Sponsorship program: see above Membership Committee renewal: see above

Review Ongoing

The Buschenschank sprint was very productive

Paul moves to adjourn, eric seconds. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 21:07 UTC.