Plone Foundation Board Minutes April 4, 2024

Meeting starts at 20:03 UTC.


Present: Board members present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Mikel Larreategi, Paul Roeland, Eric Brehault. Guido Stevens and Kim Paulissen are excused.

Approval of the minutes of March 21th
Paul moves to approve the minutes, Martin seconds. Unanimously approved.

Check if action items were followed up

  • Follow up on Framework team - Mikel Larreategi: no news.
  • Contact People about Zope Foundation Funds - Martin Peeters: no reply for now.
  • Contact David Ichim about A11Y team - Paul Roeland: Paul contacted David, and he will contact the ONCE team soon.
  • Give to Kitconcept and Redturtle the result of our votes about sprint funding - Eric Brehault: done.
  • Give to Johannes the result of our vote about sprint funding - Guido Stevens: done.
  • Send our latest feedback to Steve Percy about the Google Season of Docs draft proposal - Martin Peeters: done. See Continued business.

Incoming correspondence

2024-03-22 - Github - New Github sponsor
2024-03-29 - Charitable Allies - Cashier's Check Issues (Plone Foundation)

New Business

World Plone Day: As many people will attend the Mexico sprint, they might produce some content for the World Plone Day.

Continued Business

  • Google Season of Docs 2024: The proposal was submitted, decision from Google on April 10.
  • Google Summer of Code 2024: we received 121 proposals, the deadline for mentors to review is April 24.
  • Plone Conference 2024: Yesterday meeting was postoned to next week. Organization is on track.
  • Sponsorship program: Erico will contact the board to discuss the program in a couple of weeks.
  • Membership Committee renewal: no updates. Paul will contact T. Kim Nguyen about it next week.
  • Zope Foundation Funds: no news.

Review Ongoing

Nothing to report.

Mikel moves to adjourn, Eric seconds. Unanimously approved. Meeting ends at 20:42 UTC.