Plone Foundation Board Minutes April 18, 2024

Meeting starts at 20:06 UTC


Present: Board members present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Mikel Larreategi, Paul Roeland, Guido Stevens, Eric Brehault.
Kim Paulissen is excused.


Approval of the minutes of April 4th

Eric moves to approve the minutes, Brian seconds the motion. Unanimously approved.

Check if action items were followed up

Follow up on Framework team - Mikel Larreategi: no problem so far.

Contact People about Zope Foundation Funds - Martin Peeters: no news.

Contact Erico to find a date to discuss about the sponsorship program - Martin Peeters: Erico will join our next meeting to discuss the sponsorship program.

Incoming correspondence

2024-04-10 - Sally Kleinfeldt - Axolote Sprint Funding Request: to be discussed later in New business

2024-04-11 - Rikupekka Oksanen - About Open source week 2023 funding double check: Martin asked to the treasurer to make the payment.

2024-04-15 - Eric Bréhault - Permission on the Salamina sprint page : Martin set the needed editor access.

New Business

World Plone Day: about 40 videos, many messages on the social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Mastodon), and many in-person events. The event was a success. Thanks to the Marketing team for their effords.

Sprint Funding Request for Axolote Sprint: initially it was a request for a Small Sprint, but since the expenses are lower than planned, it can be requalified as a Community Event for a 300 USD funding. Paul moves to approve the request, Martin seconds the motion. Unanimously approved.

Continued Business

Google Season of Docs 2024: Our application was rejected. We will try again next year.

Google Summer of Code 2024: We have narrowed down the list of proposals to 31. We will submit our final choices on April 24.

Plone Conference 2024:

  • The original venue will not be available. The team is looking for a new venue. It might impact the price of the conference ticket (as the initial venue was free of charge).
  • They started promoting the event.

Sponsorship program: meeting with Erico next meeting.

Membership Committee renewal: Paul contacted T.Kim Nguyen, it is ongoing.

Zope Foundation Funds: no news.

Review Ongoing

Plone Tune-up Day tomorrow.

Paul moves to adjourn the meeting, Guido seconds the motion. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 20:43 UTC.