Plone Foundation Board Minutes September 28, 2023

Meeting called to order at 19:05 UTC


Present: Erico Andrei, William Fennie, T. Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland

Excused: Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of September 14, 2023

The minutes were reviewed and corrected. Martin Peeters moved to accept the minutes as revised, and T.Kim Nguyen seconded.

Passed unanimously

Follow Up Action Items

Efforts continue to resolve the Zope Foundation funds issue

Erico sent welcome messages to new members

Incoming correspondence

Nothing relevant

New Business

Annual Business Meeting preparation

A date and time has been set and invitations have been sent.

Treasurer will not be able to attend the annual meeting during the conference but will prepare the usual reports.

Paul Roeland is preparing a report about the contributor agreement and T.Kim Nguyen is preparing one on the sponsorship program.

Continued Business

Board Election

[Executive session]

The board discussed various potential candidates for board service.

Plone Conference 2023 

To-Do list is complete; there will be live streaming; fiber connections have been installed.

New sponsors have come forward.

Plans were made for tracking training and session attendance.

Thanks to CodeSyntax, T. Kim, Martin, and everyone else for awesome preparations.

Thanks Six Feet Up for sponsor ticket raffle.

Sponsorship program - no report due to conference preparation; Erico will take over responsibility for this area beginning November 1 - provided the new board accepts his services :-)

Zope Foundation funds

[Executive Session]

Outreach on this topic should happen at the conference.

Review Ongoing

Encouraging interest in signing contributor agreements; need to develop a system for Zope similar to that used for Plone.

Erico reported on a meet up in Brazil - "Answering Questions about Plone" that was well attended. Next year he plans to invite "Canadian" Kim to join him for a similar project in English.

Many thanks to the current board members; many thanks to Erico for his leadership.


William Fennie moved and Martin Peeters seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 19:53 UTC