Plone Foundation Board Minutes September 14, 2023

Meeting called to order at 19:04 UTC


Present: Erico Andrei, William Fennie, T. Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland

Excused: Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of August 31, 2023

The minutes were reviewed and corrected. Martin Peeters moved to accept the minutes as revised, and Kim Paulissen seconded.

Passed unanimously; William Fennie abstained.

Follow Up Action Items

Contributor agreement digitization - Continued business

Bylaw changes - completed

Conference accommodations - in process

Thanks Martin Peeters for profiling the new members of the Plone Foundation.

Thanks T. Kim Nguyen for help with security team development.

Incoming correspondence

A few snags with Foundation member renewal process

Email from Victor Fernandez de Alba - New business

New Business

Plone Foundation Membership Committee Recommendations

The Board received a message with a Membership committee's recommendations for one new member whose recommended application was missed the last time the Board met.

Brian Davis: Martin Peeters moved he be accepted as a Plone Foundation member; T. Kim Nguyen seconded; approved unanimously.

Welcome, Brian, to the Plone Foundation!

Security team

[Executive session]

A detailed discussion examined the current needs of the Plone security team.

Board election

Erico is managing the process for nominations; we will publish a news item outlining how to nominate and vote for board members.

Continued Business

Plone Conference 2024 – The board read and discussed a detailed proposal for the 2024 conference.

[Executive session]

T. Kim Nguyen moved and Kim Paulissen seconded that the proposal be accepted.

Approved unanimously. A location for Plone Conference 2024 has been set!

Plone Conference 2023 - final arrangements are in process; keynote speakers are set.

Sponsorship program - tabled for next meeting.

Contributor Agreement Digitization - We have a working version of the new digitized contributor agreement system. Automation will wait for further iterations.

Congratulations and many thanks to Paul Roeland - (also, thanks Erico for Docker magic).

Zope Foundation funds - We are doing further outreach to resolve this outstanding issue.

Review Ongoing

"Learn Plone" training class' website needs were discussed


Kim Paulisen moved and T. Kim Nguyen seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 20:18 UTC