Plone Foundation Board Minutes November 2, 2023

Call to Order

  • Meeting start at 19:01 UTC
  • Present: Martin Peeters, Brian Davis, Mikel Larreategi, Kim Paulissen, Paul Roeland, Guido Stevens
  • Excused: Éric Bréhault


Approval of the minutes

Check if action items were followed up

  • Ambassadors contact
    • Martin and Paul reached out to Ambassadors about renewal.
    • Most agreed, waiting to hear back on a few.
    • Martin also identified possible new ambassadors.
    • Kim asked do we need to decide on titles/areas? Paul suggested can be anywhere or multiple per country, since it is a recognition.
  • 1password access to new board members
    • On Paul's to-do.
  • Setup Quaive instance
    • Thank you to Guido for the workspace!
    • Guido gave an update on Github usernames and syndication between Quaive and using REST API.
    • Waiting for users to test access and which content should be pushed out.
  • Zope Foundation Funds
    • Martin asked William to do a summary bout Zope funds and renew as Plone Ambassador.

Incoming correspondence

  • Plone Ambassadors renewal (to be voted on in new business)
  • T.Kim about sponsorship levels
  • Add provider listing + Martin identified prospective new provider listing
  • Reimbursment (to be discussed in new business)
  • Summary about Zope funds from William Fennie
  • Conference funds

New Business

Request for reimbursement for conference attendance

  • (executive session)
  • Paul discussed the difficulty of getting the GSoc students visa's approved in time for the conference.
  • Mikel proposes standards for conferences and let organizers know how to handle this in a timely manner before summer.
  • Paul discussed GSoc team timetable, you mostly know by June if the student will finish, almost like halftime, so can kick this off by June.
    • However countries vary. India required early June. Hard to set a one-size-fits-all.
  • Could we approve all at the beginning? Before successes/failures are identified? No, as Visa application costs are costly.
  • Martin proposed doing it one year later after they finish their GSoc.
    • Or better yet, give them two options: Make them eligible to go this year or next year if still engaged in community.
  • Paul Roeland motions to approve reumbursements for another conference. Mikel Larreategi seconds. Unanimously approved.

Plone Ambassadors renewal

Membership Committee renewal

  • Paul Roeland is chair.
  • T.Kim Nguyen handing over keys. Paul plans to bring in a new energy.

Sponsorship Program renewal

  • Erico Andrei will take the reigns.
  • Martin will talk to T.Kim Nguyen (old lead) and Erico Andrei (new lead) invite them to the next board meeting to discuss all opportunities to reach new sponsors.

Plone Conference 2023 Report

  • Mikel shares details explained in the report.
    • Organized similar to Namur.
    • Trainings were successful, except for missing presenter, but Kim and Martin stepped up.
    • Rikupekka has sent out a feedback survey for the conference.
    • News Item was published on
    • Videos publishing/tweeting was well-received.
    • Code Syntax is happy with conference and will do 10% donation.
  • Mikel suggests Plone Foundation should provide guidelines for future conferences
    • Perhaps a how-to organizing trainings, accomodations for trainers
    • In order to clarify who pays for what, what if they book their own accomodations
    • "Trainer is the requirement." Foundation says you should do this, this, and this.
  • Plone Board wants to extend a big thank you for the Code Syntax for the success of the 2023 Plone Conference!

Budget for 2024

  • Time to start getting next year's budget in order.
  • Paul Roeland and Martin Peeters agree to start working on it.

Continued Business

Confirm Marketing Chair

  • Rikupekka Oksanen agreed to continue as Marketing Team Lead/Co-Chair.
  • Brian Davis is the Plone Board's Marketing Team Liason/Co-Chair.
  • Paul Roeland motions to vote on renewing Rikupekka's role as Marketing Co-Chair, Brian Davis seconds, unanimously approved.
  • The Plone Board wants to extend a heartfelt thank you to Rikupekka for another year of hard work!

Select liaisons to various teams

  • Marketing Team - Brian Davis
  • Security - Paul Roeland
  • Conference - Mikel Larreategi/Martin Peeters
  • Documentation - Paul Roeland/Kim Paulissen
  • Volto - Mikel Larreategi
  • AI - Paul Roeland
  • Training - Kim Paulissen
  • Guido offers to assist in sponsorship or any others.
  • Group decides to check with Framework team to see if they will continue.

Priorities for 2024

  • Martin Peeters created a 2024 Board Priorities document on Quaive (as well as a review of the last two years).
  • Martin asked each of us to fill out out a brainstorming section to prepare for next meeting.

Zope Foundation Funds

  • No new news other than following the trail of emails.

Review Ongoing

  • General news: Marketing team is working on bringing back The Plone Newsletter


  • Paul Roeland moved to adjourn the meeting, Kim Paulissen seconded. Unanimously approved.
  • Meeting adjourned at 20.05 UTC