Plone Foundation Board Minutes May 11, 2023

Meeting called to order at 19:03 UTC


Present: Erico Andrei, William Fennie, Jens Klein, T. Kim Nguyen, Martin Peeters

Excused: Kim Paulissen, Paul Roeland


Minutes from meeting of 26 April 2023

The minutes were reviewed and corrected. Martin Peeters moved to accept the minutes as revised, and T. Kim Nguyen seconded.

Passed unanimously.

Action Items

Budget letter - Continued business

Report on existing sponsors - Continued business

Incoming correspondence

Paul Roeland - Plone Foundation received 5 contributor projects from Google Summer of Code - Continued business, update next meeting

Laura Stephens - Python Web Conference 2023 statistics - Continued business

New Business

Continued Business

Erico message about budget - The budget message is still being developed

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

[ Executive Session ]

Board members will research various aspects of how to fund GSoC students to participate in the annual Plone conference. Factors are travel, accommodations, food, and conference registration fees. Some students may face very long processing times for travel visas.

One metric for GSoC success - is the student still working with Plone one year later ?

Plone Conference 2023

Due to family commitments, Kim Paulissen has passed coordination of the conference training program to T. Kim Nguyen.

Location - venue looks good; connectivity needs to be beefed up a bit. For trainings and sprint the local team is in promising discussions to secure the location.

Promotion - CodeSyntax is working with the City Council communications manager. Marketing team continues to report on developments - Call for Papers and Call for Trainings have been publicly announced.

Conference sponsors welcome !


[ Executive Session ]

T. Kim Nguyen continues to work on the sponsorship page and workflow.

Contributor Agreement Digitization - Paul is working on an issue with the signing platform. We expect news by next meeting.

Zope Foundation funds - We are seeking legal counsel for guidance before proceeding.

Review Ongoing

Marketing team improved the message about how to enroll as a sponsor


William Fennie moved and Martin Peeters seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 19:53 UTC