Plone Foundation Board Minutes January 5, 2023

Meeting called to order at 20:03 UTC



Present: Erico André, William Fennie, Jens Klein, T.Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland


Minutes from meeting of 22 December 2022

The minutes were reviewed and some corrections made. Reviewed and edited. Kim Paulissen moved to accept the minutes as revised; T.Kim Nguyen seconded

Passed unanimously

Action Items

Priorities document has been printed and is being reviewed.

A message about the budget is forthcoming from Érico.

Steering circle - Jens has published a draft - covered in Continuing Business

Incoming correspondence

Nothing of note

New Business

Documentation Search solution - There's been some trouble getting keys to the existing search tool on Plone Docs. The board authorized Paul and T.Kim Nguyen to reach out to Nuclia to see about a product that would offer an opportunity to use one engine to search documentation, training, and possibly videos. Possibly this will be voted on in the next meeting.

Linode bill larger than expected - Extra charges appear to be related to PostgreSQL nodes. This is part of an ongoing upgrade with the view of eliminating extra server instances. Old servers will be taken off line and a review will be taken in 90 days to evaluate the environment.

Other billing consideration - virtual cards for mapping certain expenses to specific lines in the accounting system. Erico will check with the Foundation Treasurer about feasibility.

Continuing Business

Steering Circle

Jens Klein document under review; he is working on a News item and governance revisions about this. Érico will call Eric Steele next week to confer on next steps; a first meeting could take place in February.

Sponsorship - T. Kim will be meeting with Fulvio soon to get background on existing sponsors.

Contributor Agreement Digitization - still on track for February review.

Priorities for 2023

T. Kim Nguyen is developing a document outlining priorities for the year that will be reviewed at the next meeting and we expect to create a news item to report to the community.

Sponsorship program

T. Kim Nguyen continues to work on communication with sponsors; he is updated the invoice template and also taking the opportunity to reach out to sponsors for their success stories.

Zope Foundation Funds

A brief review was made; discussion slated for next meeting.


Kim Paulissen moved and Jens Klein seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:52 UTC