Plone Foundation Board Minutes February 2, 2023

Meeting called to order at 20:03 UTC



Present: Erico Andrei, William Fennie, Jens Klein, T.Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland


Minutes from meeting of 5 January 2023

The minutes were reviewed and some corrections made. Reviewed and edited. Kim Paulissen moved to accept the minutes as revised; Martin Peeters seconded

Passed unanimously

Action Items

Kim Paulissen to reach out to conference team about dates - done, Thanks Kim ! We have dates and location; first meeting is to be organized.

Jens publish Steering Circle news item - covered in Continuing Business.

Jens publish update to Plone Foundation governance - covered in Continuing Business

Erico email about the budget

Incoming correspondence

Alpine City Sprint funding request - see New Business

New Business

Alpine City Sprint Funding Request - Jens filled out the form; the mail did not arrive - the problem will be referred to the AI team. A second mail from the Volto team declared the sprint to be strategic.

The event will include 24 participants and three organizers and will be focused on Plone and Volto development. There is no shortage of topics to work on: architecture, classic-UI, Volto, buildout / pip, infrastructure, etc.

The marketing team will communicate the sprint and its results to the community at large.

William Fennie moved that, because of its size, the Alpine City Sprint will be designated "Mega" and funded with a budget of up to $4,000, with provisions available to cover special circumstances if they arise.

Kim Paulissen seconded.

The motion passed unanimously, with abstentions from Erico and Jens

Plone Foundation Structure

The new governance document is still in development; we expect to vote on it soon. It will be released after updates to the Plone platform in February 2023.

The board approved a news item about Steering Circle developments.

Continuing Business

Sponsorship - T. Kim Nguyen continues to work with existing sponsors to get success stories; he will be meeting with Fulvio soon to get background on efforts to date.

Contributor Agreement Digitization - still on track for review at the end of February.

Zope Foundation Funds

[Executive Session]

William Fennie summarized options for moving forward. We plan to reach out to Matthew Wilkes for assistance and will confer with Beth at 6 Feet Up about what U.S. banking institutions will require.

Review Ongoing

Google Summer of Code - Paul Roeland is working with Eric Brehault on forms before the 7 February deadline. The ideas pages need to be filled out by 23 Feb.

One possible GSOC project would be integrating Nuclea with Plone documentation sections; five or six other ideas are needed.

Plone Podcast - Six Feet Up would like to transfer responsibility for the podcast; T. Kim Nguyen is looking into alternative hosting options

PyCon - So far there is only one Plone talk scheduled; we have supplied the organizers with 400 Plone stickers. "We need to find more ways of being more places," Erico noted.

Jens is working on a tool to manage large Make files - more after the sprint

Explaining the Plone board by creating a video that would feature a special meeting of the Plone Board; idea being explored by the Marketing team.


Paul Roeland moved and Erico Andrei seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:57 UTC