Plone Foundation Board Minutes August 31, 2023

Meeting called to order at 19:05 UTC


Present: Erico Andrei, T. Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland

Excused: William Fennie, Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of August 17, 2023

The minutes were reviewed and corrected. Paul Roeland moved to accept the minutes as revised, and Martin Peeters seconded.

Passed unanimously.

Follow Up Action Items

Add Membership discussion to the next meeting - added to New Business

Contributor agreement digitization - Continued business

Incoming correspondence

Beethoven sprint reimbursement was received. Erico will communicate the board's approval to Beth Smith, our Treasurer. Discussion of how best to transfer funds internationally.

Inquiry about hotel conference booking. Passed on to conference organizers.

Plone Membership Committee decision (Summer 2023 candidates) - added to New Business

Receipt of detailed Plone Conference 2024 proposal

New Business

Plone Foundation Membership Committee Recommendations

The Board received the Membership committee's recommendations for 7 new members.

[Executive session]

The applicants recommended for membership:

To our new members: we thank you for your contributions and welcome to the Plone Foundation!

To do: ask marketing to announce (Martin), add to the mailing list, add to (Erico)

Membership renewal & board election

Erico to update permissions on, move all members to renewal state (except for this year's new members), need to write news item and send the email by next Thursday.

Need to publish the call for nominations for the board.

Erico will be the vote master.

Discussion about how to run the vote, with which tool, and how to count votes and create the board cohorts.

AI Team costs discussion

Trading off money (cost) for limited volunteer time. AI team’s Kubernetes cluster, backups, redundancy. Shutting off unused VMs. We need to compensate with increased sponsorship revenue.

[Executive Session]

Continued Business

Plone Foundation Bylaw changes - There were 114 eligible voters (Foundation Members) of whom 80 voted, with 92.5% approval. Martin will write a news item about this. 

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - the students have continued to do well. We will not send mentors to the mentor summit as it conflicts with the Plone Conference in Eibar. We are continuing to assist the students with their visa application process to attend our conference.

Plone Conference 2024 – we received more details. [Executive session]

Plone Conference 2023 - The training schedule is finalized.

What will we do to house the 5 GSoC students? Paul will reconnect in the conference Slack channel.

We are looking for conference sponsors! Every Plone service provider and company should be :) Many thanks to those who are already sponsors, and to CodeSyntax, the hard working organizers of this event.

Sponsorship program - tabled for next meeting.

Contributor Agreement Digitization - Prototype version is working. To be finalized shortly.

Zope Foundation funds - no update.

Review Ongoing

new add-ons: collective.bluesky, collective.mastodon


Kim Paullisen moved and Paul seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 20:36 UTC