Plone Foundation Board Minutes August 17, 2023

Meeting called to order at 19:02 UTC


Present: Erico Andrei, William Fennie, T. Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland

Absent: Jens Klein


Minutes from meeting of 3 August 2023

The minutes were reviewed and corrected. Kim Paulissen moved to accept the minutes as revised, and Martin Peeters seconded.

Passed unanimously.

Action Items

Reviewing Plone domains - Continued business

Sponsorship drive - Continued business

Review of Python Software Foundation Bylaws - Continued business

Incoming correspondence

16 August 2023 - formal proposal to organize next year's Plone conference - New business

New Business

Plone Conference 2024

[Executive Session]

We received a proposal for hosting next year's event; details are expected before the next meeting.

Continued Business

Plone Foundation Bylaws changes - Proposed changes to the Bylaws with regard to the composition and election of the board are currently being voted on by the Plone Foundation membership.

[Executive Session]

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - International travel restrictions are posing challenges to our process for providing conference support to GSoC winners. The board is examining options for assisting the students.

Plone Conference 2023 - The preliminary training schedule has been posted and the conference planning committee is continuing to finalize details.

We are looking for conference sponsors! Every Plone service provider and company should be :) Many thanks to those who are already sponsors, and to CodeSyntax, the hard working organizers of this event.


[ Executive Session ]

We are making adjustments to the front page of to display all our sponsors. T. Kim Nguyen is drafting the fall sponsorship drive.

Contributor Agreement Digitization

Paul Roeland continues to work on the finding the right platform, including hosted or self-hosted options. We have found a workable solution : it needs configuration.

Zope Foundation funds

[Executive Session]

Review Ongoing

First in a new iteration of Plone Tune-up events took place on 18 August with good attendance and good follow-on viewership.


Kim Paullisen moved and T.Kim Nguyen seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 19:48 UTC