Plone Foundation Board Minutes September 29, 2022

Meeting called to order at 19:04 UTC



Present: William Fennie, Érico Andrei, Paul Roeland,  Andy Leeb, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Jens Klein, Kim Paulissen


Approval of the minutes of September 15, 2022

Kim moved to approve, Andy seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Zope Domains

    • nothing new
    • domains will remain active until May 2023
  • Sponsorship
  • Renewal Cycle

    • Andy will provide background information for a message

Incoming Correspondence

  • PyCon Ghana
  • OpenSource Week funding request
  • [Executive Session]
  • Paul will get in touch with Tito

New Business

  • Event Funding Request

    • RedTurtle - OpenSource Week 2022
    • Marketing approved the funding request for this
  • Membership Committee Recommendations

    • Nilesh

      • Paul moves, Kim seconds 
    • Lucas

      • Andy moves, William seconds
    • Jorg

      • Kim moves, Victor seconds
    • Rafahela

      • Kim moves, Erico seconds
    • All unanimously approved! 

Continued Business

  • Renewal cycle

    • Tell your friends to renew their Plone Membership, its easy! Andy will continue to send emails reminding the community to do so.
  • Annual Meeting Prep

    • Paul and Erico will work on preparing the documents
  • Nominate yourself for the Plone Board of Directors!

    • discussion on the role of the board
    • this can be an open space at the conference
  • Plone Conference

    • everything is going according to plan!

      • schedule
      • registrations
      • french track
      • free online tickets for conference stream (youtube)

        • an email will be sent a week before the conference
      • training are well attended
  • Plone Foundation Census

    • responses are trickling in
  • Sponsorship Program

    • likely the discussion will continue at the conference
  • Thank you, Paul Roeland, our newest sponsor on GitHub!
  • Contributor Agreement Digitization

    • Andy will continue to work on it
  • Zope Foundation

    • William is continuing efforts

      • the best effort with documentation first and approaching the bank again
    • the Board is considering hiring a lawyer

Review Ongoing

  • Plone Brazil

    • Plone Symposium South America
    • Nov 8 in Brasilia
  • [Executive Session]

Kim moved to adjourn, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:14 UTC