Plone Foundation Board Minutes September 01, 2022

Meeting called to order at 20:05 UTC



Present: Érico Andre, Paul Roeland, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Andy Leeb, Kim Paulissen, William Fennie, Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of Aug 18, 2022

Kim moved to approve, Erico seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Zope domains - stakeholders are on holiday, they will return shortly

    • we will get the needed information after they return
  • Sponsorship

    • we are working on getting a replacement from within the community
  • Marketing team is working on a News Item announcement for new members
  • Google ads see new business

Incoming Correspondence

  • None

New Business

  • Google Ads

    • basic setup
    • 3 geographic regions for now
    • eventually this will transition over to Marketing Team
  • Membership renewal

    • Time to send out reminder to members to renew

      • add in a reminder to complete the census
    • proposal to move existing membership email list to google groups

      • less chance of spam flagging
      • google group has limit of 80 new members/day, so existing will be added in batches of < 80

Continued Business

  • Plone Conf 2022

    • new sponsors
    • everything is going according to our plan
  • Plone Foundation Census

    • News Item is ready
    • we welcome more responses
  • Sponsorship Program

    • continuity discussion
  • Contributor Agreement

    • same state
  • Zope Foundation Money

    • still in progress
    • Thank you Matthew Wilkes for your continued efforts!
    • Thank you William for your continued efforts!

Review Ongoing

  • Brazilian Plone Community

    • weekly 1 hr live stream
    • technical alternated with human interest
  • Google Summer of Code

    • winding down
    • we will follow up with Mentors for final recommendations
  • Marketing team has created a Plone 6 FAQ and linked to it from

Andy moved to adjourn, Paul seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:43 UTC