Plone Foundation Board Minutes November 10, 2022

Meeting called to order at 20:00 UTC


Present : Érico Andrei, William Fennie, T. Kim Nguyen, Kim Paulissen, Martin Peeters, Paul Roeland

Excused : Jens Klein


Approval of October 27 minutes

Kim Paulissen moved to approve; Martin Peeters seconded
Approved unanimously

Action Items follow up

Zope domains - Paul has reached out and expects follow up.

It was suggested that this item be removed from the Action Items and delegated to the AI team

Unanimous agreement

Tito ticketing system

[Executive Session]

The board is not happy with the Tito system and another system needs to be found.

Incoming Correspondence

  1. Odoo Open Source solutions
  2. GDPR and erasing data
  3. Discord

[Executive Session]

Odoo - An object lesson; avoid allowing the perception that there is one big company behind Plone

GDPR - Form is needed to formalize requests to have data removed from our systems. T. Kim Nguyen will work with Paul Roeland to develop. This also will be delegated to AI team

New Business

New Steering Circle - [Executive Session]

Recommend Eric Steele act as "chief cat-herder" among various teams - not the same as Steering Circle

A reminder that stipends are provided for the Release Manager for Plone (Maurits), Marketing Manager (Rikupekka), and the role that Eric will now play. These are usually used to support travel to certain events.

Plone Discord Rules

[Executive Session]

T. Kim Nguyen will develop a proposal to cover how we will manage the Plone presence in various channels.

Official Plone presence in Mastodon / Fosstodon is not accepting new customers, which is too bad because it would relieve us from the responsibility of managing the server

The Plone domain will be

Fred van Dijk is creating a server for Plone. We are registered there now as Cost is $12.99 for the first year.

Budget 2022-23

Paul will help develop budget for presentation at next meeting

Reminder that marketing manages their own budget

Budget estimates represent a plan; money is not being spent. With in-person events more could be spent

Review priorities for 2022

A look at last year's priorities and how we executed against them. This review will be useful to prepare for the conference every year.

Contributor agreement
Didn't happen

Nurturing new talent

  • Martin is here
  • New people in marketing

Problem with too few people handling a lot of tasks, but -

It's moving

Improvements in documentation
great strides


Hybrid model - successful; also World Plone Day

Expanding Plone audience beyond developers
needs work

Priorities for 2022–2023

Action: Consolidate the priorities document

Next board meeting - vote, approve, push

Continuing business

Zope Foundation funds - no movement

Sponsorship - T. Kim - Fulvio corrected invoicing address for Agile Coach to pay sponsorship amount; needs notes from Fulvio; will proceed using sponsor database in

Contributor agreement digitization - Paul to make sure passwords are available; will begin working on a semi-automatic process. Time available in December.

Review Ongoing

Plone Symposium South America, Brasilia - November 18, 2022

  • 25 registrations
  • 24 seats in the room
  • Correios (Brazilian Post Office) sending 9 people

Plone 6 release date - coming soon.


William Fennie moved and T. Kim Nguyen seconded that the meeting be adjourned
Unanimously approved

Meeting ended at 21:20 UTC.