Plone Foundation Board Minutes July 21, 2022

Meeting called to order at 19:04 UTC



Present: Erico Andre,   Paul Roland, William Fennie, Victor Fernandez de Alba,  Jens Klein

Absent: Kim Paulissen (excused), Andy Leeb (excused)

Approval of the minutes of June 23, 2022

Paul moved to approve, Jens seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Paul: /

    • zope domains - no action. we need approval code from previous registrar. is registered and set for auto-renew
  • Paul: Sponsorship transition (Talk to Kim Nguyen and Sally)
  • Erico: Ping sponsorships about New Elements GmbH
  • Erico: Get in touch with Python Software Foundation
  • Erico: Ping Volto about Adobe released an accessible library for DateTime picker

Incoming Correspondence

  • 27 June - sponsorship update (sponsorship)
  • five.customerize - not used by Zope; work transferred with no value added
  • 8 Jul - Six Feet UP
  • 15 Jul - Buschenshanks sprint (done)

New Business

  • Support to PloneGov-Br community

    • not a non-profit entity
  • Task : marketing news items, tweets
  • to existing google platform
  • membership committee recommendations -

    • New members

      • Stefano Marchetti - Fennie moved, Paul seconded
      • Markus Hilbert - Jens moved, Victor seconded
      • Michael McFadden - Paul moved, Jens seconded
    • All passed unanimously
  • We found out who registered on google - Paul (!)

    • Now Registered to Erico and Paul -
  • Google non-profits account includes shared folders

    • Also Google Ads premium available, needs someone who knows marketing
  • Sponsorship program

    • Needs revamping
    • [executive session]
    • The right person:

      • establishes relationships with Plone companies
      • knows about projects
      • manages sponsorship payments and fulfills obligations
      • Next meeting - identify potential candidates
      • Paul and Erico will work on this
  • Plone conference

    • first sponsor - kitconcept, Silver sponsor
    • Need to nail down talks
    • Early-bird registration open to 14 Aug
    • Martin Peeters thanks for the conference site redesign
  • Plone foundation census

    • low response rate
    • cross reference with existing members and start to suggest they fill it out
    • Andy - send out a reminder to mailing list
  • Zope

    • response - we are following up on this.
  • Docusign - needs to be registered

    • Aim: to have a document available on demand
    • Zope and Plone contributor agreements into a single thing
    • do we have verbiage for that ?
    • Andy will work with Paul using verbiage from European Free Software Foundation

Continued Business

  • Plone Conference 2022
  • Plone Foundation Census
  • Contributor Agreement digitization
  • Zope Foundation Funds
  • Review Ongoing
  • Sponsorship program

Review Ongoing

  • Plone 6 beta-1 released today or tomorrow, includes Slate editor
  • Plone deployment story using Kubernetes, etc.

William moved to adjourn, Paul seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 19:59 UTC