Plone Foundation Board Minutes February 3, 2022

Meeting called to order at 20:05 UTC



Present:  William Fennie, Érico Andrei, Paul Roeland, Andy Leeb, Jens Klein, Kim Paulissen, Víctor Fernández de Alba


Approval of the minutes of Jan 20 (deferred)

x moved to approve, x seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Érico: AWS Access / Payment

    • we have AWS access now!
    • we can decide what to do with assets and the account now. 
  • Paul: GSoC: Filling the form (Deadline in Feb 7th)

    • Correction: Opens on Feb 7th, and then we have 2 weeks to come up with proposals from brainstorms
    • Eric Breault is leading this effort. Thank you, Eric Breault! Paul will follow up with him to guide administrative form filling out
  • Jens: Feedback to Peter about
  • Jens: / domains

    • In progress, will get an update next time the board meets
  • Jens: Zope Foundation monies

    • In progress, will get an update next time the board meets
  • William: News Item about Board priorities

Incoming Correspondence

  • Python Web Conference notice asking for Plone swag

    • Likely 6FU has Plone stickers etc, we can reach out to Kim, Carol, Calvin
  • Updates for Sponsorships from Fulvio

New Business

  • Foundation Sponsorship

    • Fulvio will discuss sponsorships with the board at our next meeting
    • Erico will update the budget based on Fulvio's estimates
  • Zope Foundation Funds

    • Action is required
    • Jens will initiate communication with Tres, we can decide what to do based on response
  • Steering Circle Meeting

    • 15th Feb meeting

      • Plone 6 is the hot topic
      • [Executive Session]

Review Ongoing

  • Documentation team is on fire!

    • Volto docs into regular docs, part of the auto-deploy process
    • Documentation still needs to be written
  • William - news item about board priorities has been written

    • Marketing team has new members!

      • Stefano, and Massimo - Red Turtle back in the team!
    • WPD - planning continues

      • T.Kim - helped us with a new logo
  • May/June - sprint being planned, maybe a larger one

    • Plone core topics
    • Everyone is welcome, but space is limited

      • Tents perhaps
      • Beautiful setting in a vineyard

        • wine powered development anyone?
  • Membership committee 

    • 3 new candidates
    • Voting is ongoing, the deadline is 14/02/2022
    • Final decision next board meeting
  • Plone 6 needs a deployment story

    • At least one for mere mortals
    • A fancy one for the wizards that walk among us
    • Erico has an Ansible script

      • requests some help with finishing touches
  • Andy did not do anything new with his responsibilities

    • Contributor Agreement Revamp - he will do something here 

Paul moved to adjourn, Kim seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:46 UTC