Plone Foundation Board Minutes August 4, 2022

Meeting called to order at 19:06 UTC



Present: Erico Andre, Paul Roland, Andy Leeb, William Fennie, Victor Fernandez de Alba,  Jens Klein

Absent: Kim Paulissen (excused)

Action Items

  • Paul:,, - folks are on holiday, so we have to wait
  • Sponsorship - Erico reached out to Sally and TKim
  • Erico - will reach out about sponsorships
  • Victor - share release no change yet
  • Marketing - new members News Items in progress

Incoming Correspondence

  • GitHub - Erico responded, Paul will contact Beth for W9 tax forms, people are on holiday this week

New Business

  • N/A

Continued Business

  • Plone Conference 2022

    • Registration is open
    • Sponsors
    • Confirmed trainings
    • [Executive Session]
    • More talks! Tell your friends!
  • Plone Foundation Census

    • Response ratio is a bit low
    • Membership mailing list emails are being flagged as spam

      • gmail warns of phishing :(
      • we will need to determine how to ensure that these aren't flagged
    • We'll push for more responses before sending out more messages
    • Board will think about how to make renewal frictionless
  • Sponsorship program

    • You don't need to be a member, but sponsorship counts as merit towards membership
    • Board will come up with a solution
  • Contributor Agreement digitization

    • EU version of agreement will be prioritized, US/UK elements to follow
  • Zope Foundation Funds

    • William has been working on this

      • We need help walking through legal hurdles to release funds
      • William to follow up with appropriate persons
  • Review Ongoing

Review Ongoing

  • AI Team - linode data-center outages caused some issues, blocking Plone installs (, conf sites)

    • team will discuss contingency plans
  • Nonprofit version of Google

    • shared drive, lets start to plan the move to the shared folders

Andy moved to adjourn, Erico seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 19:46 UTC