Plone Foundation Board Minutes April 28, 2022

Meeting called to order at 18:03 UTC



Present: William Fennie, Érico Andrei, Andy Leeb, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Paul Roeland, Jens Klein, Kim Paulissen


Approval of the minutes of April 14, 2022

William moved to approve, Kim seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Jens: /

    • still in motion
  • Jens: Zope Foundation monnies
  • Érico: Plone Conference trainer's payment

    • email from Philip Bauer
    • Victor - information for trainers has been shared to board members
    • Paul - transfer mechanism should be fine
  • Érico: Github sponsorship

    • is live!!
    • we need to push people to move from PayPal to GH sponsorship
    • Fulvio knows about this
  • Andy: TechSoup account / Docusign

Incoming Correspondence

  • 2 emails

    • Philip Bauer - already discussed
    • Sponsorship request - forwarded to Marketing

      • Brasilia meetup and sprint

        • requested $300 for some event swag

New Business

  • x

Continued Business

  • World Plone Day

    • Tour de Force!
    • Victor, Jens, Kim - thank you for your talks!

      • 58 talks
      • 14 countires
      • 6 live events around the world

        • Italy Red Turle ~ 70 (peak number of simultaneous viewers)
        • Brasilia ~ 20 (peak number of simultaneous viewers)
    • Streamyard is working well, may be used for upcoming conference

      • possibly can be used for sprint teams report-outs

        • pilot at Beethoven sprint
  • In general, we should have more video content, shorter videos are better 
  • Contributor Agreement digitization

    • Pilot in place by 23 May
    • initial version will present the contributors' agreement, allow signature and email it to the agreements
  • Zope Foundation Funds

    • check has been refused at bank
    • US Board members will work with banks, Plone Foundation Treasurer, issuer to resolve

Review Ongoing

  • Kim P will take over organizing the trainings at the Plone Conference. Thank you Kim P!
  • Victor

    • getting Volto ready for Plone 6
  • William

    • census survey for all Foundation Members

      • will be used to update Members' profiles
  • Jens

    • Girls Day - 10 in person/10 remote in Jens's office

      • IT focused games, community building
    • Buschenschank sprint planning

Paul moved to adjourn, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 18:51 UTC