Plone Foundation Board Minutes April 14, 2022

Meeting called to order at 18:04 UTC



Present: William Fennie, Érico Andrei, Andy Leeb, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Paul Roeland, Jens Klein

Absent: Kim Paulissen (excused)

Approval of the minutes of March 31, 2022

William moved to approve, Andy seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • domain

    • no simple way to get it back
    • still exploring options
    • set up a script to get the domain when its available
  • /
  • Plone Conference trainer's payment

    • Victor is working to get payment to appropriate people

      • logistics of sending payment can be simplified
  • GitHub sponsorship
  • TechSoup account / Docusign

Incoming Correspondence

  • OSI - new board of directors
  • 3 emails from Timo

    • Beethoven sprint

New Business

  • Beethoven Funding Request

    • Bonn and Bucharest
    • 2 sprints or a single "mega"

      • mega 

        • easier for Plone Board
        • allow the sprint organizers to divvy up the money
        • need receipts
    • Paul motions, Erico seconds Beethoven mega sprint
  • GitHub sponsorship program

    • one-time gets a shout out on Twitter
    • monthly gets a badge on your gh profile
    • we are waiting for approval

Continued Business

  • Contributor agreements digitization

    • Andy will start on this

      • will keep board & erico in the loop
    • Zope Foundation Funds

      • Check has been sent to treasurer

        • so far, so good!
        • Thank you Jens for continuing to push this forward!!
    • World Plone Day

      • We have videos in our channel
      • Local events - India, Brasilia, Romania
      • Still low on talks

        • 18 confirmed vs 52 from last year
        • not many classic UI videos

    Review Ongoing

    • Paul - shout out to documentation team

      • working hard to get eg. Plone API documented
      • keep up the good work Documentation Team!!
    • Victor - cypress dashboard application (OSS license)

      • in testing now
    • Jens - Plone 6 coordination meeting

      • better content on the demo sites

        • marketing team
        • Volto and Classic
    • [Executive Session]

    William moved to adjourn, Erico seconded

    Unanimously approved

    Meeting adjourned at 18:44 UTC