Plone Foundation Board Minutes October 14, 2021

Meeting called to order at 19:09 UTC



Present: Chrissy Wainwright, William Fennie, Erico Andrei,  Andy Leeb, Paul Roeland, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of September 30, 2021

Erico moved to approve, William seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Sponsorship for PWC still needs to be submitted

Incoming Correspondence

  • Tax exempt certificate needs to be sent to a vendor

    • Board will find appropriate document and respond

New Business

  • Foundation Treasurer

    • We have a new one!
    • Board votes Beth Smith as new Treasurer

      • William motions, Andy seconds - Unanimously approved
    • We are deeply thankful for the ~10 years of service that Jen Meyers provided
  • Annual Meeting prep

    • Document has been shared, board will review
    • Fulvio will handle sponsorships
  • Quanta and the related IP

    • [Executive Session]

Continued Business

  • Plone Conference

    • All talks are in LoudSwarm with correct times
    • P/L sheet looks good
    • 207 Registered
    • Roughly 40 sponsors that have not registered
    • Talks in Spanish, Portuguese
    • Certifications for the trainings?

      • The idea is to send a PDF when requested
  • Renewal Cycle

    • Andy will send a message to Rikkupeka on slack about membership renewals
    • Andy will generate some report for who has renewed
    • Board renewal

      • Publish when ready

Review Ongoing

  • Erico will give a talk next Thursday about the Plone Community

William moved to adjourn, Chrissy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 19:54 UTC