Plone Foundation Board Minutes November 11, 2021

Meeting called to order at 20:06 UTC



Present: Kim Paulissen, William Fennie, Erico Andrei,  Andy Leeb, Paul Roeland, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of October 14, 2021

Paul moved to approve, Jens seconded

Unanimously Approved

Approval of the minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Paul moved to approve, William seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Sponsorship for PWC
  • Request for tax-exempt certificate

    • Has been taken care of

Incoming Correspondence

  • Request for Sponsorship from Massimo (in agenda)
  • Email about a consultation for web accessibility in EU

    • Paul handled it
  • Request to include Plone Edu initiative 

New Business

  • Selection of officers: president, vice-president, secretary

    • Erico -> president

      • Paul motions, Andy seconds, Unanimous  
    • Jens -> vice president

      • Paul motions, Victor seconds, Unanimous
    • Andy -> secretary

      • William motions, Jens seconds, Unanimous
  • Confirm Treasurer

    • Beth Smith

      • Andy motions, Erico seconds, Unanimous
  • Paul will set up Google resources for Beth and Kim P
  • Confirm Marketing Chair

    • Rikkupeka

      • Kim motions, Paul seconds, Unanimous
    • William -> liaison. No vote is needed.
  • Confirm Membership Committee Chair

    • Victor as the new chair

      • William motions, Paul seconds, Unanimous
  • Select liaisons to various teams (Security, Framework, Volto, AI)

    • Security - Paul
    • Framework - Jens
    • Volto - Victor
    • AI - Erico
    • Documentation - Kim
  • Plone Conference 2021 Report

    • 268 attendees, registrations
    • ~$8K profit, minus taxes & fees & training allocation monies

      • Erico has declined his training stipend
    • YouTube uploads - we've committed to uploading them by one month after conf

      • Paul will coordinate
      • T. Kim has offered to help
      • Erico requests a spreadsheet with talks, links
    • Sorrento

      • [Executive Session]
      • Next meeting we will have a discussion on sprint funding classification
  • Priorities for 2022

    • We will discuss this further next meeting
  • Event funding request:

    • 500 Euro to promote Plone in Italy
    • Paul motions, Jens seconds, Unanimous

Review Ongoing

  • Who is handling thank you monies for trainers?

    • Erico, Paul, and Victor are working on this
  • The marketing team requests that Paul will write up Sorrento Fanzone

    • Paul responds with a concrete date
  • pip only installs of Plone
  • Google Summer of Code is no longer limited to students

    • any new participants must be 18yo
    • maybe this year we will rejoin this program
  • New

    • 3 dates for sprints
    • Dec 4, Jan 15, and TBA
  • Jens is tentatively planning an Alpine City Sprint in March

Andy moved to adjourn, Kim seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:04 UTC