Plone Foundation Board Minutes December 9, 2021

Meeting called to order at 20:03 UTC



Present:Kim Paulissen, William Fennie (partly), Érico Andrei,  Paul Roeland, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Jens Klein, Andy Leeb


Approval of the minutes of November 25, 2021

Andy moved to approve, Jens seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Paul: Sorrento report

    • sprint report document is under review
  • Érico: Add Sprint classification to Agenda

    • completed
  • Paul: Write back to Fred and explain his email was not discussed

    • completed
  • Paul: Post on calling for GSoC heroes

    • first draft is under review, final will be posted in the next couple of days

Incoming Correspondence

  • 2 from Kim

    • for the first, a personal note
    • contributor license agreement

      • Andy will look into this more

New Business

  •     Selection criteria for Plone teams

    • Constraints on numbers, despite the framework page saying that everyone is invited
    • [Executive Session]
    • Selection criteria is not listed

      • Documentation needs
      • Team leads need to update pages with selection criteria/process
      • ClassicUI/Volto/Framework teams - how are these coordinated?

        • communication lines need to be defined
      • Steering Circle is an appropriate forum for this

        • Board should only be called in if community is deadlocked
      • Membership criteria for teams needs to be formalized
  •     Priorities for 2022

    • Work async and confer next meeting
    • 6-7 bullet points to be developed
  •     Sprint Classification

    • Current levels: 

      • Community - $300
      • Small - $1500
      • Large - $4000, needs approval from a team
      • Board can work with sprint organizers
    • Board needs to update criteria - online vs in-person

      • online sprints may not need the same level of support as say a small sprint
      • do we incentivize online sprints in these times of COVID?
      • small vs large should be revisited
      • big sprints, Beethoven/Sorrento sized sprints need special consideration
      • new level for "Mega"

        • num people * num days for determining dollar amount
        • criteria: how is the money spent
        • we can ask for a budget
        • case by case basis
        • typically, these are strategic sprints
        • 1 - 2 per year usually
        • difference between "mega" and "large"
    • Revive the t-shirt economy to incentivize sprints
    • Community - anyone can ask
    • Small/Large needs to come from a team
    • encourage non teams, eg Zope community, to form teams
  •     Budget for 2022

    • Paul volunteered to help Erico
    • Due by first meeting of 2022
    • [Executive Session]
    • sprint estimations will be included

Continued Business

  • x

Review Ongoing

  • Email issue with marketing team
  • Money transfer from US, Paul is a resourceful fellow and now has a less expensive way to move monies
  • 2022 Plone Conf!

    • 12 - 14 Oct
    • 16 - 18 Nov
  • [Executive Session]

William moved to adjourn, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:17 UTC