Plone Foundation Board Minutes May 21, 2020

Meeting called to order at 19:02 UTC


  • attendance

  • approval of the minutes of May 7 + check if action items were followed up 

  • incoming correspondence


Present: Chrissy Wainwright, Fulvio Casali, Erico Andrei, Paul Roeland, Andy Leeb, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Jens Klein


Approval of the minutes of May 07, 2020

Erico moved to approve, Paul seconded

Unanimously Approved

Continued Business

  • Plone Conf 2020

    • placeholder site is up!

    • in touch with conf organizers, they will join next meeting so we can decide then

    • things are looking better in EU, travel restrictions could still be in effect

      • June 1 seems like the agreed upon date for EU

      • if EU travel is open, conference will likely be on

  • Zope Domains

    • no news 

  • GitHub Sponsors Status

    • fully out of beta, we can set this up

    • need more marketing, update plone [dot] org

    • bank account is set up for this, cheaper than paypal

  • review ongoing

Review Ongoing

  • Paul had a meeting with funka project

    • Timo is mostly handling this
    • it would be great to get some more input from front end devs who have experience with Plone and accessibility

      • there is money ready for it, EU has some regulations but nothing onerous
      • Volto editor would be focus
      • once things fall into place, Plone Foundation will be able to publish a News Item
  • [Executive Session]
  • The Board is considering a Strategic Summit to be held in the 2nd half of the year to discuss the alignment of the various plone technologies and related projects. Topics to include how the foundation can provide a useful structure to protect and promote Plone and related projects - Volto, Guillotina, Plone, etc...

Paul moved to adjourn, Erico seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:18 UTC