Plone Foundation Board Minutes July 16, 2020

Meeting called to order at 19:08 UTC


  • attendance

  • approval of the minutes of July 02 + check if action items were followed up 

  • incoming correspondence


Present: Fulvio Casali, Erico Andrei, Paul Roeland, Jens Klein, Andy Leeb

Absent:Victor Fernandez de Alba (excused), Chrissy Wainwright (excused)

Approval of the minutes of July 02, 2020

Erico moved to approve, Paul seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • Language in code - GitHub is working towards adding symbolic links to rename branches, no ETA

    • Paul has started listing where we have language to change

      • old branches included? or just in current release, and forward looking development

        • just on 'main' from now on
      • portlets have some language that needs changing
      • full report on what needs to be changed forthcoming

Incoming Correspondence

  • Release manager question has been resolved, this was a Board decision and went through the normal process.

    • maybe could be more explicit
    • Zope release manager candidate suggested with release manager benefits, needs full board for this decision 

New Business

  • Membership Committee and Zope Members

    • python script for moving active Zope members to emeritus Plone members
    • Board Secretary will send email to above members
  • Andy motions to activate the plan, Paul seconds, unanimous agreement

Continued Business

  • Plone Conference 2020

    • things are going ok, Europe is opening up again without any major problems

    • Board has been in contact with conference organizers

      • US will probably have troubles getting into EU

      • inter EU travel is likely to be ok

      • mostly EU conference

  • Zope Domains

    • ongoing efforts

  • review ongoing

    Review Ongoing

    • accessibility front - Volto - work is being done, and good progress

      • Plone 6 with Volto - could get more government contracts due to increased accessibility regulation compliance 

      • documentation - tactical decisions need to be agreed upon

      • AI Team - 1Password

        • will need documented processes 

      • Documentation team and AI Team will have a meeting sometime in the next couple weeks

    • [Executive Session]

    Erico moved to adjourn, Paul seconded

    Unanimously approved

    Meeting adjourned at 19:41 UTC