Plone Foundation Board Minutes October 10, 2019

Board Minutes

Meeting called to order at 20:00 UTC



Present: Paul, Chrissy, Alexander, Carol, Victor, Kim, Erico

Absent: none

Approval of the minutes of September 26

Erico moved to approve, Paul seconded 

Approved - Abstained Carol

Action Items

  • All return below

Incoming Correspondence

  • Beethoven Sprint - Paul to follow up

New Business

  • Manage voting for Plone Foundation Board if needed - Kim N to ask volunteers.
  • Membership Recommendations

    • Motion to Approve - Fulvio Casali Nominated by Erico, Second Paul
    • Motion to Approve - Stefania Trabucchi Nominated by Alexander,  Second Chrissy
    • Motion to Approve - Thomas Buchberger Nominated by Victor, Second Alexander
    • Motion to Approve - Andrea Cecchi Nominated by Kim, Second Erico
  • Review Conference Proposals - Very strong proposal received and accepted by the Board.
  • Prep annual membership meeting -

    • Activities review, Paul is updating
    • Sponsorship list, Kim to provide
    • Jen to provide treasurer details.
    • Everyone add details as needed

Continued Business

  • Support for GSoC student - handled.
  • Ferrara update - trainings schedule being updated due to great interest in the topics
  • Zope integration process update - will be followed up in Ferrara
  • site -

    • Thank you to PerFact Innovation GmbH & Co. KG for proposing and creating a new German Zope marketing site:
    • Thank you to the German "Python Software Verband e.V.“  for being the domain holder for a number of years. 
    • Thank you to Plone community Member and Bord of Director of PySV, Christian Theune for setting up the transfer of the domain to the Plone Foundation to allow us to control and protect our brand.

Review Ongoing

  • Directors and officers insurance - to be researched by next BOD
  • Google Season of Docs update

This will be the last full Board meeting of the 2018/2019 Board. Thank you everyone for your service!

Kim moved to adjourn, Alexander seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:00 UTC