Plone Foundation Board Minutes July 18, 2019

Minutes of the July 18, 2019 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 20:07 UTC



Present: Paul, Carol, Victor, Erico, Alexander, Chrissy Kim

Absent: none

Approval of the minutes of June 6, 2019

Victor moved to approve, Erico seconded

Approved - Abstained - Alexander, Paul

Action Items

  • return below

Incoming Correspondence

  • none

New Business

  • EuroPython report out

    • Went really well. Best booth position. Talked to a lot of people. Thank you to Paul, Jan, Petr, and Calvin for running the booth.
  • Funding request

    • Motion by Alexnder 2nd by Paul for approval of $2500 for Python Web Conf organized by IndyPy via PSF.
  • German Zope site

    • New site proposed by the German Zope community. Requesting ownership of url be transferred to the Plone Foundation once it is obtained.
  • a11y project (update)

    • Applied for free testing and sprint funding offered via EU under a grant process. Establishing accessibility standards for content editors.
  • job exchange for interns request

    • More information needed. Alexander to follow up
  • prep renewal cycle

    • Paul, Carol and Chrissy to meet - Carol to schedule

Continued Business

  • Trademark Watch

    • 3 Trademarks renewed
  • GSoC

    • 1st cycle completed successfully
    • Kim to ask primary mentors for weekly or biweekly report in forum
  • Zope CLA process - update

    • moving forward
  • Google Season of Docs

    • 7 proposals submitted 
    • review session scheduled
  • Zope Foundation Status update

    • Ongoing

Review Ongoing

Carol moved to adjourn, Alexander seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:42 UTC