Plone Foundation Board Minutes for February 28, 2019

Approved minutes of the most recent board meeting

Meeting called to order at 20:04 UTC



Present: Paul, Chrissy, Carol, Alexander, Kim, Erico, Victor (joined late)


Approval of the minutes of February 14th, 2019

Alexander moved to approve, Erico seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • CMS Garden fees have been paid.

Incoming Correspondence

  • Funding Request for Beethoven Sprint planned for 20th of June to the 24th, 2019
  • Motion to approve $4000 as requested made by Erico Seconded by Paul. Pass unanimously

New Business

  • New sprints being discussed at the community level.
  • GSoC - Thank you to Cris Ewing for leading our application, and to all the mentor and students who stepped up to help us put in a strong application to Google. Unfortunately we did not get funded this year.

Continued Business

Review Ongoing

  • Plone-Tagung reported 50 attendees with a good discussion about the future of Plone

    • Plone roadmap is being proposed by the community for release of Plone 5.2 and 6.0

Alexander moved to adjourn, Erico seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:00 UTC

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Ganz

Plone Foundation Secretary