Plone Foundation Board Minutes December 5, 2019

Meeting called to order at 20:06 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Chrissy Wainwright, Erico Andrei, Victor Fernandez de Alba, Fulvio Casali, Jens Klein, Andy Leeb

Absent: None

Approval of the minutes of Nov 21, 2019

Erico moved to approve, Paul seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • None

Incoming Correspondence

  • Confirmation - booth for PyCon is approved
  • OSI marketing
  • PLOG
  • IndyPy wants to donate $1400 to Plone. 

New Business

  • PLOG

    • strategic sprint - route to marketing team for determination
    • Erico moved to approve $2900 pending strategic approval Jens seconded
    • Erico will reply to Sally and announce on marketing
  • Discuss/Appoint Ambassadors

    • We are still working on contacting people
  • relicensing policy - Paul will continue to work on this

Continued Business

  • discussion of priorities

    • Zope members in Foundation
    • Membership team now includes Guillotina, Pyramid, 2 Zope members
    • Kim will continue in marketing, Fulvio is excited to work with marketing
    • Chrissy is looking at Plone Teams, more US activity
    • Erico got the suggestion to facilitate more community interaction outside of the annual conference
    • Philosophical discussion "What is Plone"?
  • Executive Session
  • Zope integration process - update

    • Membership - Erico was able to get a list of Zope Foundation mailing list, cross referenced with Plone Foundation membership
    • id 55 people, 7 are active in Plone Foundation, 2 are on membership committee , 50 people are emeritus, 33 non members

      • what are these 33 people doing now? we don't know
      • convert these 33 into emeritus  Plone Foundation members, they can write to us to get reinstated as active members. This seems like a good plan, low bar for entry, is doable. Topic for a 1 - 2 day sprint perhaps.
      • Legal implications for fast tracking 33 (non-pf members) zope members into PF?

        • No legal implications, membership committee approval, should probably have a formal written proposal to board
        • should we actively pursue members of foundation who let their membership expire (now in emeritus), but are active in community or make a living working with Plone
        • Paul may go thru emeritus list and check emails b/c holiday season, Erico may provide Paul technical assistance
    • Money has not been transferred
  • review ongoing

Review Ongoing

  • Victor will attend Plone 6 kickoff sprint
  • Volto 4 release
  • Erico will touch base about, will probably happen next week
  • Fulvio - what does Plone membership mean - maybe we should have more transparency and awareness about this topic. What does being a foundation member do/what does it mean. This will require further discussion. Day to day - meritocracy, but fundamental changes should be guided by members. 

Andy moved to adjourn, Chrissy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:14 UTC