Plone Foundation Board Minutes August 29, 2019

Meeting minutes of the board.

Meeting called to order at 20:07 UTC



Present: Paul, Chrissy, Carol, Alexander, Victor, Kim, Erico

Absent: None

Approval of the minutes of August 15, 2019

Alexander moved to approve, Erico seconded

Unanimously Approved

Action Items

  • All Return

Incoming Correspondence

  • None

New Business

  • Report out on AI team sprint - successful event moving services off Rackspace, consolidating them on a new VM platform, and revamping the Ansible playbooks. We appreciate the support Rackspace provided over the years to the Plone community. A big thank you to Paul Roeland, Sven Strack, Erico Andrei, Victor Fernandez de Alba, and Kim Nguyen! Servers moved included the forum, docs, training, 2015/2016/2017/2018 ploneconf sites,,

Continued Business

  • Google Season of Docs - waiting on information
  • GSoC - going well
  • Zope integration process update - nothing to report yet

Review Ongoing

  • Renewal Cycle for Foundation Members Carol to send notices early Sept.
  • Call for new Board Members - Erico and Paul to start process. Kim to announce open time during Board meeting for Q&A.
  • Call for proposals for 2020 conference - Erico to lead effort
  • German Zope Site Discussion - Alexander reported

Alexander moved to adjourn, Kim seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 21:05 UTC