Minutes for September 29, 2016

Meeting called to order at 19:03 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Kim Nguyen, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Philip Bauer, Carol Ganz
Absent: None

Approval of the minutes of September 15

Alexander moved to approve, Paul seconded
6 Approved, 1 Abstained

Incoming Correspondence

  • New Plone Sponsor - atReal in France
  • Funding Request - for the Castle Sprint, which has not yet gone through the proper form. Paul will submit it properly. Carol moved to approve $300 for the sprint, Philip seconded, Unanimously approved.
  • PyCon UK - Received a note that the Plone booth had a great presence at PyCon UK.
  • Event Invitation - for the Software Freedom Law Center's Twelfth Annual Conference at Columbia Law School, Paul will attend.

New Business

  • PloneConf 2017 Proposal - We have received one fully qualified proposal, and the board will be performing due diligence.
  • Member Renewals - Chrissy will put out a final call for membership renewals. The annual membership meeting will happen on Friday of the PloneConf.
  • Board Election - Kim will coordinate with Christina for sending out call for board nominations.
  • IRC Overview - Alexander requested having more people given admin rights in IRC (like the board and members of various teams) to make sure there are people available to make changes as necessary. Mostly we need documentation on how to set the channel topic and things like that. Alexander will write the documentation.

Continued Business

  • Google Summer Of Code - Matthew Wilkes will be the only one attending the mentor summit, the other two possible people were not able to make it. We have a very likely candidate for next year's GSOC lead.
  • PloneConf 2016 - Talks have been selected, schedule has been filled, but needs to be optimized. Should be set on volunteers.

Review Ongoing

  • Zope resurrection sprint - Alexander reported that they had a long discussion about the future of RestrictedPython, access control and the TTW story. Continued progress with porting to Python 3. There will be a Hangout tomorrow about the future of Zope.
  • Plone's Birthday - October 4 is the official 15th birthday of Plone, based on when Plone 0.1 was released
  • Leads on plone.com - Discussion on leads from plone.com, as we occasionally get emails from big companies asking for more information. With these opportunities, we will pass them on to the premium sponsors to give them the opportunity to repsond.
  • PLOG 2017 - Kim and Maurizio have been discussion the organization of PLOG for next year since Abstract is not interested in doing it. Kim will be the contact person for now, and will get in touch with the hotel about scheduling it. There will likely be a discussion at the PloneConf to determine how many people would be interested in attending.

Alexander moved to adjourn, Philip seconded
Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:13 UTC