Minutes for September 15, 2016

Meeting called to order at 19:01 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Kim Nguyen, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Philip Bauer
Absent: Carol Ganz (excused)

Approval of the minutes of September 1

Alexander moved to approve, Paul seconded
Unanimously Approved

Incoming Correspondence

  • Funding request from Sally and Cris for a Boston Python Meetup next week. Plan to recruit volunteers for the conference. We have been asked to sponsor $600 for the event. Cris offered to put forward $200 from his company. Philip moved to sponsor $400 for the meetup, Chrissy seconded, Unanimously approved.

New Business

  • PloneConf 2017 - Lots of emails from cities that want to host, but are not actual proposals. A real proposal is in the works, and expected next week.
  • Membership Renewal & Board Elections - About half of the members had responded before the reminder email last night. Need to get call for Board Memberships out, Paul and Kim will prepare this and have it out before October 1.

Continued Business

  • GSOC Member Summit - still waiting for response on second person that will attend with Matthew.
  • GSOC Students at PloneConf - Google has funds for students to attend conferences, so they will provide $500 for Prakhar to attend PloneConf, on top of the $2000 max we agreed to provide.
  • PloneConf 2016 - We are at 101 tickets sold. T-shirts and bag designs are on schedule. Training schedule is finalized. Talk acceptance emails will be going out. Kim will get the conference set up on Lanyrd for speakers.

Alexander moved to adjourn, Philip seconded
Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 19:39 UTC