Minutes for August 18, 2016

Meeting called to order at 19:02 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Philip Bauer, Carol Ganz
Absent: Víctor Fernández de Alba, Kim Nguyen (both excused)

Approval of the minutes of August 4

Alexander moved to approve, Philip seconded
Unanimously approved

Incoming Correspondence

  • London Python meetup - Matthew Wilkes contacted us asking if funding would be available for a meeting. Paul told him yes, so he just needs to fill out he official form

New Business

  • Funding Request - $200 for Kiwi Pycon booth. This has already been approved, Chrissy will follow up
  • Funding Request - $2500 from Maik Derstappen for Strategic Plone Mephisto Sprint 2016. We will offer $3000, which is normal for a strategic sprint, Alexander moved to approve, Carol seconded.
  • Plone Conference 2017 Call for Proposals - The CFP will be available at https://plone.org/events/conferences/plone-conference-2017/2017-call-for-proposals. Paul will contact Christina about publishing info on the CFP.
  • Prep for next Board election cycle - Nominations will be open around October 1, Paul has started setting up the information on plone.org.
  • Membership Renewal - There may currently be issues with the member workflow on the new plone.org, Paul will contact members of the plone.org team to see about getting this fixed before we start the renewal process. Users also need a GitHub account, so there will be a workaround for users unable/unwilling to sign up on GitHub. Renewal will be during September. Chrissy will start putting together an email.

Continued Business

  • GSOC Mentor Summit - Paul has spoken to two people that might be interested in attending.
  • GSOC Students at PloneConf - Paul will contact the students and mentors to find if they are interested in attending.
  • PloneConf 2016 - Less than 10 early bird tickets left. Paul will invite one of the organizers to attend the next board meeting.

Alexander moved to adjourn, Philip seconded
Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 19:41 UTC