Minutes for September 17, 2015

Annual meeting preparations; Conference planning updates; Plone 5.

Paul called us to order at 20:10 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Alexander Loechel, Cris Ewing
Absent (excused):

Chrissy Wainwright, Steve McMahon, Carol Ganz

Minutes taken this time by Kim.

Approval of the minutes of Sept. 3, 2015

Cris moved approval, Paul seconded
Approved unanimously

+ check if action items were followed up

Contributor agreement typo URL fixed by Paul.

Incoming correspondence

- sponsorships: 

Kim: new sponsorship are coming in. Visual updates to provider listings on Plone.com. 

- OS Dev funding opportunity: Cris to send to developers list and to Jason Lantz (formerly of Innocence Project).

- OSI webinar opportunity: Paul: interesting but we should wait until P5 has been released. Alexander: maybe we can schedule our webinar ahead of time, so we should find out how much lead time is required. Kim to ask Steve if he can handle this. Eric Steele, Nathan Van Gheem, Paul and possibly others could do the demo.  

Continued Business

Annual Meeting prep

- timeline for election process
No changes

- reporting preparation
No progress; time remains

- call for proposals for 2016 conference
Call is out

- short executive session on Plone conference finances

Opportunity for PyCon 2016 keynote speech

Cris: PyCon organizers are still interested. We still need to identify who our speaker(s) might be, include videos of past talks, send on to PyCon. Paul: what is our deadline for this? Cris: let's get a good list of speakers together now; "arm twisting is best in Bucharest". We will come out of Bucharest with a good plan, in time for likely PyCon end-of-year timeframe.

Bucharest update & speakers

Sponsorships are good; registrations are good; training sign ups high; talk submissions low. Time to solicit talk proposals.

Special speaker on accessibility 

Max Nakane will be coming.

GSOC student Prakhar Joshi has booked his flights for Bucharest, some visa delays, but will attend the conference and give a talk.

Launch team (and marketing)

Launch news item went out. Delay required further news items and publicity. No negative reactions in any of the channels we monitor. So much commit activity. P5 posters. 

Security hotfix discussion about whether to pre-announcement in this case. No change or action required.

Small executive session.

Policy on planet.plone.org news feeds

No change or action required. 

Brand identity

Tabled until after Bucharest, for the new board to consider.

plone.com/org progress

New plone.org must wait for P5 to be released.

Plone.com: sponsors are eager to get their success stories up on Plone.com too. Started faceted navigation for provider listings. Sponsor and Premium Sponsor badges are now visible, and all provider listings now include text and logo. Plone 5 posters still need to be finished and onto Plone.com.

Review ongoing

CMS Garden brochure: Alexander: some final edits coming back from the editors for proofreading by Paul and Kim.

Bucharest Plone conference. Paul: Max Nakane coming from Japan. Ticket sales doing well. Would like more talk proposals, in particular about Plone 5. Paul will rustle up more P5 talks in Munich. 

Will invite interested people to join us for next board meeting (our last one) to find out what it's like to be on the board.

Cris moves. Alex seconds. Adjourned at 20:52 UTC