Minutes for November 24, 2015

Meeting called to order at 21:04 UTC



Present: Alexander Loechel, Paul Roeland, Chrissy Wainwright, Philip Bauer, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Kim Nguyen. Carol Ganz
Absent: none

Approval of the minutes of November 12

Alexander moves approval, Kim seconds
Approved unanimously

Action Items

  • PLOG - there will be another possible sprint in Vienna just before PLOG
  • Executive Session for BSE Security Study

Incoming Correspondence

  • Invitation from the Open Invention Network to join their community. Philip moves to join, Paul seconds, Approved unanimously

New Business

  • PyCon Prep - we have applied for sponsorship, free community booth. Paul will check with Cris on the keynote status.
  • Ambassadors - to check with each to make sure they are still willing to be ambassadors. Contact will happen over the next couple weeks, to be approved at the next board meeting. If any new areas need an ambassador, let us know
  • Discussion of the membership merit guidelines about working to keep Plone in an organization.
  • Budget Prep - still to be done
  • Plone Conf 2016 sponsorships. Have a possible Platinum sponsor that wants to pay with their 2015 funds. Platinum sponsorship level will be based on what this company can give ($8-12K rangle) Paul will coordinate with Cris.
  • Alexander pointed out that the Plone Conference (Oct x-x) conflicts with HighEdWeb (Oct 16-19). Questioned possibly adjusting the day of the Keynote.

Continued Business

  • plone.org updates. Concern about all the pieces left to do. Coen has a static theme put together, Chrissy and Rob will work to get the Diazo theme and templates finalized. Current plan is to have something solid by the end of the year. Jazkarta is doing some work to get badges in place.
  • Discussion of goals. Final goals to be determined as part of the budget, and two or three will be published.

Review Ongoing

  • New security pre-announcement for December 8
  • Get the marketing team to start preparing for Plone 15th anniversary (next year)
  • Get ideas together for sending out a membership survey
  • Discussion on server for the Plone Conf 2016 site. Requested to be on a Foundation server without the AI team having to be too involved.

Chrissy moved to adjourn, Carol seconded
Approved unanimously
Meeting adjourned at 22:17 UTC