Minutes for May 14, 2015

New PF members, strategic summit followup, sponsorship policies and procedures, trademark renewals, EuroPython preparations

Paul called us to order at 20:05



Attending: Kim Nguyen, Carol Ganz, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Paul Roeland, Cris Ewing, Steve McMahon
Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of  April 30, 2015

Kim moved approval, Cris seconded
Unanimously approved with Carol abstaining

+ check if action items were followed up

All the follow-up items are elsewhere on the agenda

Incoming correspondence

We received a notification that good-py.appspot.com was suspended due to an invalid credit card. This is a Google App written by Martin Aspeli to compile version lists for old Plone packages. Fixed!

New Business

New Plone Foundation memberships

The membership committee has recommended for membership:

  • Alin Voinea: a principal contributor to EEA add-ons, organizer of the Bucharest conference, core package contributor, long time Plone user (12 yrs)
  • Christina McNeill: communications team lead, newsletter manager, plone.org news item author, Plone social media lead, plone.com success story editor & team member, new plone.org team member, and more.
  • Peter Holzer: long time contributor of bug reports and fixes to core packages and add-ons, active promoter of Plone in Switzerland, regular attendee at Plone events and sprints, member of Blue Dynamics Alliance

Carol move to accept Alin as a member, Cris seconded
Unanimously approved

Chrissy moved to approve Christina, Paul seconded
Unanimously approved

Steve moved Peter, Cris seconded
Unanimously approved

Steve will take care of administatrivia.

Kim will take care of the news release.

Strategic summit followup

Summary has been published.

Short executive discussion of one item from the follow up
No motions, no actions

Communications and marketing follow up. Paul proposed we think of the roles as messaging and positioning. This might be a more useful split than communications/marketing. This is really just an idea to ponder, not yet a proposal to the board. A communications hangout that Christina’s announced will be a better place to discuss the idea.

The P5 launch team had a hangout this week. Marketing, communications, release team, installer team, doc team, training team all involved.

Sponsorship forms and procedures

Kim has updated the plone.org/donate forms. Criteria for each category is now clear, along with acknowledgement promises.

We do need someone to take overall responsibility for maintaining listings. Kim was drafted to be that person.

We’ve agreed in the past that we don’t want sponsorships from organizations that have nothing to do with Plone. No disagreement on that. We’re not selling ads.

General agreement that the FTEs referred to are FTE’s that are primarily involved with Plone.

Old Business

Bucharest update

Paul has received promotional slides for Tokyo. Handouts are also being prepared. Paul is working with Alec on getting the speaker review board together.

First sponsorships are coming in.

EU + US trademark renewal

Steve reported that US renewal is complete, and we have a 1,600 euro firm estimate for EU. Switzerland and Russia may be taken up afterwards. Yes, a US Corp may hold these.

Carol moved to authorize the expenditure.
Cris seconded
Unanimously approved

EuroPython preparation update

We expect to have a substantial booth. Also a poster session. Talks are being voted upon.

Paul has been in touch with Irene and Massimo about poster preparation. Ideas are under discussion for having it be non-technical, emphasizing grace, community, power. Meant to get a conversation going. Not yet decided.

plone.com/org progress

plone.com: looking great; continuing to refine UI and presentation.

plone.org: moving along with bi-weekly meetings. Will need keys to ldap soon. Steve will check with admin team.

Review ongoing

Another short executive session on community relations
No motions, no actions.

Adjourned at 21:35