Minutes for July 9, 2015

Community award ideas, launch team report, Bucharest update, EuroPython update

Paul called us to order at 20:05 UTC



Attending: Alex Loechel, Carol Ganz, Chrissy Wainwright, Cris Ewing, Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Steve McMahon
Absent: None

Approval of the minutes of June 25, 2015 (taken by Kim)

Steve moved approval, Paul seconded
Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

Google account for goodpy: Cris has been investigating and suspects it’s automatically updated.

Incoming correspondence

- New sponsors; multiple new contacts since last meeting.

- Sponsorship request
One unconnected to Plone
One legitimate request from Kiwi PyCon. Paul noted that we’d taken this up for the last couple of years and there weren’t any regional Plone people who had an interest in exhibiting or representing Plone. Absent a contact from a regional Plonista, not much interest.

Cris moved we turn this one down. Paul seconded.
Unanimously agreed.
Steve will notify.

New Business

Adwords account

We’ve had a free non-profit adwords account that’s been handled by a volunteer (thanks, Anthony Gerrard) who can no longer do it. We’ll try to outsource this to a new volunteer. First to marketing, then to community. Also, Paul will ask in Arnem. Other possible volunteers discussed. Contacts to be made.

Community award idea

Kim raised the idea of the foundation organizing some service awards, similar to some done in the past. We discussed some of those done in the past, including one that was operated via Twitter. Steve noted that Joel Burton had sponsored the one that had a valuable prize. Cris mentioned some viral, community-driven campaigns done by PyCon.

We reviewed the 2012 ploneawards and there was general agreement we’d be interested in doing something similar this year. Paul will ask Guido Stevens what was involved in that effort.

Launch team (and marketing)

The launch team and marketing have combined issue lists on github (private repo). Kim reported on today’s launch team meeting. Lots of progress being made in several areas. Most urgent area is probably in marketing tag lines and visuals. Some designer/branding types helping with this.

Kim also reported that paragon judges will be getting back to work in hopes that this can be completed at the same time as the P5 launch. The draft EuroPython poster was reviewed for ideas.

Brand identity

Brief executive session on some possibilities for branding services.
[Carol left the meeting for another obligation.]
Executive session ended with no actions.

Old Business

Bucharest update

Talk proposal acceptance needs to open soon. Paul has been helping set up consideration process.

Some discussion of possible accessibility keynote speaker funding. General agreement that Paul can move forward on this.

EuroPython preparation update

We looked at the draft EuroPython poster, which is excellent, but still needs English prose and tag lines.

We agreed we’d be happy to spend small amounts to help decorate and lighten up the stand. We’ve already allocated some budget for the event, so this doesn’t need formal consideration. Four talks, help desk, stand are all to happen.

Paul reported that we’re well within budget on this.

plone.com/org progress

Kim reported that there’s been work on fine-tuning: fixing links, correcting typos.

Paul reported that plone.org progress has been stalled. Christina is taking some leadership on getting this organized.

Review ongoing

Kim reported on improvements in the plone.com sponsorship payment and recognition responses. He can now handle more of it without needing as much help from the treasurer.

We reviewed some counts and numbers on sponsors. Ahead of past years, but not much more detail yet.

Adjourned at 21:35 UTC