Minutes for February 5, 2015

Budget revision approval; Strategic Summit, PyCon, GSOC preparations

Paul called us to order at 21:05 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Kim Nguyen, Carol Ganz, Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Cris Ewing

Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of Jan 22, 2015

Alex moved approval, Carol seconded
Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

Address change has gone through

Incoming correspondence

Input on Upgrade policy

The Framework Team asked for input on upgrade policy

Do we want to say something about what should be officially supported?

We believe the question is about how far we should go back in direct upgrade support.

Steve suggested we offer the advice that this is their choice, but that we see no negative marketing consequences to dropping 2.5 from the direct path. Having it be in sync with the general upgrade policy (the two-major-version security patch policy).

Event funding request

Roel Bruggink of Four Digits let us know that the 4D Anniversary sprint has been designated strategic for Plone 5 by the Framework Team.

Paul suggested we let them know we plan on sponsoring at strategic sprint level and ask if there’s a problem (they asked for somewhat more). Paul will contact.

EU trademarks

We received a bid for trademark renewal for European countries. The quote was a little unclear.

Paul suggested we ask for a definite bid for Russian Federation,  Switzerland and EU. We also have questions about what’s covered (word and logo?). Make sure that we’re allowed to do this as a US/Delaware corporation.

Steve will draft the request.

New Business

Google Summer of Code

The organization application period starts Monday for organizations. Paul will contact Matthew Wilkes to see if he’s willing to help us again.

Old Business

Budget 2015 (very briefly, finalizing)

Carol and Paul have done a bit more refinement and this should be ready for official approval and publication. Adding the strategic summit left this with a $24,310 projected loss. In past years, we have not spent the full budget, so we may not hit this. Even if we did, we have cash in the bank to cover the loss if necessary.

Crissy moved reapproval as changed
Chris seconded
Unanimously approved

Paul will publish and communicate

Strategic summit preparation

Preparations continue

FWT is drawing up a wish list for representation

Team Leaders will be meeting to talk both representation and agenda

Attendance expectations are already high

Some brainstorming about possibilities for making sure the summit has a strategic orientation and not just dropping into tactical/technical.

PyCon preparation update

No response on teleconference equipment loan request. Trying other avenues.

A t-shirt design is done. Obtained poster source. Updating photos. Also found a nice video done by the mountaineers. Looking for more.

Cris is surveying potential attendees.

Membership survey

Kim has compiled the list of responses to the survey. Inviting responses.

plone.com/org progress

Crissy reported that the plone.com design is approaching finalization. Content is still under way. Hopes to have it up and live for PyCon.

Paul reported slow, but continuing, progress on plone.org.

Review ongoing

Paul reported that Alex Ghica has let us know that there may be some minor adjustments in conference budget. Conference site may be online by end of February.

Paul has spoken with OSI and Google people to seek diversity support. These were not formal contacts, but were promising.

Adjourned at 22:32 UTC