Minutes for August 20, 2015

Theming sprint and CMS garden brochure sponsorships; Annual meeting preparation; Bucharest updates; Plone 5 launch preparation

Paul called us to order at 20:05 UTC



Present: Carol Ganz, Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Cris Ewing, Alexander Loechel, Steve McMahon, Chrissy Wainwright (arrived late, excused)
Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of Aug 6, 2015

Alex moved approval, Carol seconded
Passed unanimously

+ check if action items were followed up

Paul reported that there was some conversation on getting P. Joshi (GSOC student) to Bucharest. Rooming arrangements made; it looks like he'll be able to make it.

Incoming correspondence

- new sponsor(s)
One being processed. One that needed restoration due to confusion of records. Kim is working on getting better access to Paypal account to help keep the records up-to-date.

- funding request(s)

Plone 5 Theming Sprint, application from Philip Bauer

Request for $500 to help sponsor travel for key attendees.
(Paul noted that he anticipates receiving some benefit if we fund this.)

Carol moved that we pre-approve covering cost of the flights (in case they total more than $500)
Cris seconded
Passed unanimously with Paul abstaining.

(Chrissy joined the meeting)

CMS Garden request from Maik Derstappen and Alexander Loechel. $1,000 to fund brochure.
This year's brochure is being sponsored directly rather than via ads.
Cris moved approval
Kim seconded
Unanimously approved

Old Business

Annual Meeting prep

- timeline for membership renewal
Steve will handle this; begins Sept 1, ends Sept 30th.

- timeline for election process
Paul will work on call for nominations; modeled on last year.
Will message to members and general lists, also web site news.

Membership meeting scheduled for last day of conference.

- reporting preparation
Jen, Paul and Steve will work on this

- call for proposals for Plone Conference 2016
Paul has drafted a call based on last years with some addition of code of conduct materials. Our time for due diligence is shortened, but should not be a problem.
Agreed it looks good. Paul will publish soon.

Plone entry for CMS Garden Brochure

Funding already approved. Paul and Alex will work on the text.

Opportunity for PyCon 2016 (Portland) Keynote Speech

Plone has a possible opportunity to do a keynote. We're working on a list of potential speakers with video examples.
Possible topic: technical topic, changes in Zope over the years to accommodate Plone. We're brainstorming this in online conversation.

Bucharest update & speakers

Paul has met with Alec Ghica; preparations are going well. There are expected to be Pyramid talks as well as Plone.

Paul continues to work on a possible special attendee / keynote speaker -- undisclosed until it firms up -- who may have greater travel expenses.

Carol noted that if the PF is funding this, we need some criteria. Although if chosen by the conference hosts, it's their choice. Steve suggested the historical criteria has been that the talk should be inspiring.

Kim and Carol suggested that we get the budget figured out on this. We can check on the conference budget, too.

General agreement on doing the budget research and then considering at a future meeting.

Plone 5 Launch team (and marketing)

We reviewed the minutes from the last launch team meeting (some of which are confidential until after release). Coordinated activities include marketing, docs, installers, demo kits, human-readable release notes.

(Chrissy left for another meeting.)

Brand identity

No progress on this item. Paul chided himself appropriately.

plone.com/org progress

Possible change: plone.com will emphasize listings of providers; sponsorship will be acknowledged mainly on plone.org.

Review ongoing

Nothing that was not already taken up on the agenda.

Adjourned at 21:25 UTC