Minutes for April 2, 2015

Summit, EuroPython, PyCon planning. Sprint funding requests.

Paul called us to order at 20:05 UTC



Present: Carol Ganz, Chrissy Wainwright, Steve McMahon, Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Cris Ewing (late due to conflict)

Absent: Alexander Loechel (excused)

Approval of the minutes of Mar 05, 2015 and Mar 19, 2015

Minutes of March 5 not yet available for review.

Chrissy moved approval of March 19 minutes
Kim seconded
Unanimously approved with Carol and Steve abstaining

Incoming correspondence

Sponsorship request

Received a request from a previously unknown source in India
Paul will refer the correspondent to our India ambassador

3/28 request for sprint funding, Algeria

Also an unknown correspondent.
General agreement to turn down in absence of adequate information.
Paull will communicate. 

Premium donor (yay!)

We received notice of a possible new premium donor, but Liz can’t deal with it.

We need someone to learn how our donation/donor system works and to make the acknowledgement.

Kim volunteered to take this one on.

Steve will get the alias for the sponsorship Gmail address updated. 

New Business

Strategic summit preparation

We’ve been receiving comments and suggestions.

Timo and Ramon will be doing the last part of the technical track. Framework team is getting prepared.

Tuesday and Friday will have remote access opportunities, 20 UTC (10pm Italy). Shared screen at PyCon.

Paul has a bag of stickies ready to go. Matt Hamilton has other office supplies. Site details have been worked out with Maurizio.

Monday night, practical planning. There will be an early division between tech sprinters and strategic summit folks.

Old Business

EU trademark renewal, US trademark watch renewal

Steve will renew his request for the EU estimate.

We’ve also received a note that we need to do our renewal of the US TM watch.
$1,200 needed.

Chrissy noted that we need to update the wordmark to match the newer wordmark. The font we specify has changed. Paul noted that the font is not actually specified in the wordmark/trademark description.

Carol moved we approve spending $1,200 for this purpose
Paul seconded
Unanimously approved. 

PyCon + EuroPython preparation update

Carol said the banner for PyCon looks excellent 
Stickers and t-shirts all ready to go.
Carol warned it may be a bit over budget due to shipping costs. General agreement this will be no problem. 

Paul reported that we’re likely to be very active at EuroPython, with the poster session and a booth looking likely.

plone.com/org progress

Yay! Plone.com is live on a soft launch. Looks gorgeous. Formal launch coming.

Carol & Kim noted that we need design of some brochures to match the new plone.com and banner materials. Kim had some ideas and will ask; Paul, too. We want multilingual brochures available on plone.com. This can also be raised at PLOG.

Carol suggested this needs actual planning. Paul will make sure it’s raised at PLOG. Kim said he’d get it discussed by the plone.com team. Carol noted that customizable materials for plone companies would go best on plone.org, but polished pieces for end consumers should go to plone.com.

General agreement that plone.com team should propose a general solution. Multi-lingual will get a site meeting at PLOG.

Cris Ewing joined the meeting 21:05 UTC

We returned briefly to PyCon preparation to catch up on some details.

Booth is #708.

Cris noted there is a free electronic version of the poster. 

Review ongoing

No extra issues

Adjourned at 21:14 UTC