Minutes for April 16, 2015

PLOG/Strategic Summit, PyCon report outs; basic sponsorship pricing; EuroPython preparations; Conference planning

Paul called us to order at 20:03



Present: Alexander Loechel, Chrissy Wainwright, Cris Ewing, Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Steve McMahon, Carol Ganz
Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of Mar 05, 2015 and April 2, 2015

Alex moved to approve the  March 5 minutes,
Cris seconded
Unanimously approved

Carol moved approval of the April 2 minutes
Chrissy seconded
Unanimously approved with Alex abstaining

+ check if action items were followed up

All has been dealt with or is on the agenda

Incoming correspondence

- sponsorship request refund

We received a sponsorship payment from a company that is not connected with Plone. We do not accept contributions from non-Plone companies.

Carol will contact the treasurer about this.

- sponsorship request (yay!)

A new request has raised the question of how we’re computing rates now that plone.com is now out. We’d been discussing, but had not yet approved payment based on consulting rates and number.

Kim asked for a survey opinions as to whether or not we’re all on board with the basic scheme. Paul noted that the lower rates are for basic sponsorship. Other rates remain unchanged.

The new basic rate’s purpose is to avoid spam listings at a rate that is affordable by all. Meant to be “almost” free. Those who want logos or placement will need to buy higher levels of sponsorship.

Kim will work on updating the information on plone.org and transferring information to plone.com. Form on plone.org, listings on plone.com. For plone.com, a modest link to the plone.org form.

New Business

Strategic summit initial report-out & followup

Paul has sent in a draft report out that is meant to become public when a few issues are resolved. This is a consolidation of notes from Paul, Kim, Christina and Maurits. Eric, Timo and Ramon also invited to give feedback.

Paul reported that there were no great disagreements on any point. Strong participation.

Alex, Kim and Paul particularly noted the diversity discussion as very positive.

Follow up decisions may be possible at the Anniversary Sprint.

PyCon report-out

Cris reported that PyCon was also fantastic. Lots of thanks those who helped out at the booth. Booth was an effective expenditure: lots of visitors. Lots of folks wearing Plone t-shirts. High visibility. Carol reported that the booth looked as professional as any.

Poster session went swimmingly. Steady conversation.

Bucharest progress

Paul has been following preparation and sponsorships. Looks like there will be Python Foundation sponsorship.

[Carol left the meeting temporarily]

Alec Ghica has asked for help with several issues including setting up a review board for proposals — not just their own people. There are already several volunteers.

Paul suggested reconfiguring sponsorships to go through the Plone Foundation; we would reduce the percentage expected from the conference. General agreement that this is a good idea.

Paul noted that a response team is being prepared and that some non-alcohol events are being proposed. Some travel sponsorships also possible that would help with gender diversity.

plone.com sponsorship levels

Already taken up.

World Plone Day 2015 - World Plone Office Days

World Plone Day is happening without planning from the foundation.

World Plone Office Day is the successor to the tune up. Idea is to promote one day a month (4th Friday) to  work on Plone.

Both have short lead time.

[Carol rejoined the meeting]

Kim expressed concern that we don’t have organizational infrastructure promoting this, and that may make it hard to keep it going. At the moment, we’re just planning to announce it as an event. If this is to be an official event, we need to get organized. Alex noted that the name came from some German organizers and may not be translating well. He also noted the need for a champion.

Paul suggested this remain a regular event (rather than a foundation-official activity) and that we unofficially work to spread the enthusiasm to other countries. Possibly with a name that doesn’t clash with World Plone Day.

Paul will get Gil in contact with Carol to share experiences from the tune up. He also suggested we fund some giveaways. Small budget.

For World Plone Day, it would help to develop a yearly calendar.

Old Business

EU + US trademark renewal

Steve has solicited a concrete bid for EU/Russia/Switzerland.

Steve will communicate with Nutter to authorize the US work.

EuroPython preparation update

We have a booth and a help desk session and probably a poster session. Paul is talking with Irene about a new poster — possibly a completely non-technical one. One emphasizing adaptability of Plone. It would be meant to be a conversation starter. Some ideas tossed around. To be coordinated with marketing committee. Paul has submitted a poster proposal to EuroPython. The community also has some talk possibilities.

plone.com/org progress

plone.com. Kim reported that the soft launch has brought out some new success stories for the site. PLOG discussions about multi-lingual content. There are also some cultural issues. It may help to get it back to a more emotional/general level and avoid US-specific buzz words like “enterprise."

plone.com general appearance and launch were highly praised.

Plone.org: A team is being assembled to get this out the door. Modeled on plone.com team. End of June, beginning of July a possibility. We’ll need an LDAP connection for deployment.

Review ongoing items

Eric and Paul have produced an abstract for the Tokyo Plone Symposium keynote. Paul will forward to the board for comments. Paul, Eric and Alexander all expected to attend.

The Anniversary Sprint, hosted by 4 digits, is heating up. The Intranet Consortium is planning four sprints before June. Plans continue to be that all code and art will be donated to the Plone Foundation. Possible release at end of June. Another sprint announced in June for Berlin to work on restful/json API. Nathan has announced a May 21 hangout to discuss UI.

Cris reported that there is some early organizational work underway for a possible US conference bid for next year.

Adjourned at 21:35 UTC