Minutes for September 4, 2014

Plone Conference progress update; GSOC Mentors' Summit; PyCon 2015 representation.

Paul called us  to order at 20:05 UTC



Attending: Cris Ewing, Alexander Loechel, Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Érico Andrei, Andy Leeb

Absent: Tom Kapanka

Approval of the minutes of August 21, 2014

Érico moved approval, Andy seconded
Unanimously approved 

+ check if action items were followed up

Paul contacted Zidanka folks to notify them on the budget increase.

Cris is moving us forward on PyCon 2015, including a booth space.

All other items on agenda

Incoming correspondence

Paul has been in contact with Kim Nguyen regarding Plone Symposium Midwest finances close out. Some reimbursements are being completed. We look to be coming out on the plus side by a small amount.

New Business

Bristol conference update, with guest Matt Hamilton

Matt reported that registrations are rolling in. Somewhat behind this point for the last Bristol conference.

Training: Steve McMahon & Phillip Bauer doing parts 1 and 2 of Mastering Plone (each a two-day class), Franco Pelligrini & Johannes Raggam covering Mockup, Diazo theming (unconfirmed). Training for Pyramid is also possible.

A new way of handling training: relatively small charges per person with conference sponsorship covering most of the instructor reimbursement. Trainers working for expenses. So training will be billed as a main part of the conference.

Paul noted that we’re interested in more gender balance in talks, including a possible keynote. Matt and Paul will be reaching out.

Code of Conduct: we want a local for the reporting team. Paul also volunteered to helped.

Talk proposals. Again, fewer than last Bristol conf to-date. But more known to be on the way. We need to do more pushing on this.

Call for proposals Ploneconf 2015

No proposals yet, but we’re hearing of some coming proposals.

PyCon 2015 update

We’ll be talking with major US Plone companies about cooperation on this.

GSOC member summit

David Bain has asked if we might be able to subsidize his attendance at the GSOC mentor summit.

Matthew Wilkes, who has headed up GSOC for us thinks this is a fine idea. We already have two participants, though, and we need to get Google’s approval for more.

Alex moved we budget $1,200, contingent on Google allowing it, Andy seconded.

Unanimously approved

Paul will contact David and Matthew.

Old Business




Steve reported that Liz has plone.com ready to deploy (theme and puppet setup) as soon as stories are ready.

Paul will ask the AI team to get the setup ready to go.

Paul reported that plone.org update has been delayed a bit by Plone 5 work / Zidanka. Moving, though.

Paul also told us paragon.plone.org, awaiting more submissions. Érico asked if we could get a model submission available for examination.

Review ongoing

Steve reported that the membership renewal process is underway.

Adjourned at 21:00pm