Minutes for September 18, 2014

Conference, end-of-term preparations; GSOC mentor summit; 2015 Conference proposals

Paul called us to order at 20:05 UTC



Attending: Paul Roeland, Andy Leeb, Cris Ewing, Steve McMahon, Alexander Loechel

Absent: Tom Kapanka, Érico Andrei (excused)

Approval of the minutes of September 4, 2014

Alex moved approval, Cris seconded

Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

Paul needs to follow up on plone.com activation

Incoming correspondence

Nothing that’s not already on the agenda

New Business

Bristol conference

We need to prod on communications on talk proposals.

Call for proposals Ploneconf 2015: status & process planning

Paul reported that he’s had several contacts from groups working on proposals.

We’ve also heard from potential backups in case proposals don’t come forward.

We’ll want to allow more time at upcoming meetings.

GSOC member summit

Google expanded their openings to include David Bain

We had pre-approved funds. He’s finalized his need at $600.

Approved by consensus.

Planning for end of term

Call for new Board candidates; settling of election details

Paul will put out the call by October 1st.

We’ll need to appoint judges.

Financial & content reporting to membership

We need to generate the annual report

Last year we set up a shared document to put this together

We need some information from the treasurer.

Paul will prepare the financial side; Steve will go through the minutes to prepare a report on major actions, new members and such.

Alex suggested holding an extra, open meeting to meet with possible board candidates. Ask the board anything, particularly if you’re interested.

Paul suggested October 9th. Seems feasible. Paul will check about getting a google hangout for extra folks.

Old Business




Paul will check with AI team on plone.com; we plan to use one of our rackspace cloud machines.

plone.org is a likely topic for a conference sprint — as we’re unlikely to get that done before the conference.


Paul needs more judges for paragon.plone.org

Steve volunteered; other possibilities discussed.

We should all help drum up submissions.

We also need to be working to promote a US symposium.

Adjourned at 21:01 UTC