Minutes for October 16, 2014

Preparations for PloneConf, PloneConf 2015

Paul called us to order at 20:05



Present: Paul Roeland, Cris Ewing, Steve McMahon, Alexander Loechel, Érico Andrei, Andy Leeb
Absent: Tom Kapanka

Érico joined us, but had bad connectivity and batteries and left the call.

Approval of the minutes of October 2, 2014

Cris moved approval, Alexander seconded
Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

No items that aren't already on the agenda

Incoming correspondence

Two bogus funding requests; Paul will handle.

CMSGarden-like proposal for FOSDEM turned down.

New Business

Executive session to discuss development/licensing proposal

No action.

Bristol conference

Alex will ask Max Jacob to serve as a judge for the election.

Proposal Ploneconf 2015

Put on Plone.Org, public, ask for comments; say board will make final decision at conference.
Steve will communicate.

Planning for end of term

Call for new Board candidates, financial & content reporting to membership.

Annual report

Reviewed draft materials from Paul and Steve;
Steve proposed the board ask Steve and Paul to bring the details together for publication in association with the annual meeting.
Andy seconded
Unanimously approved

Alex suggested adding more on CMSGarden

Old Business

plone.com/org progress

plone.com is advancing; a bare Plone is being used to prepare content. Carol, Gabrielle, Christina are working on this.

New plone.org design will be ready for presentation and sprinting at conference.

Review ongoing

Tentative plan to have a board dinner Wednesday at PloneConf.

Adjourned at 20:57