Minutes for November 13, 2014

Election of officers; choices for unofficial roles; agendas for the new term

In the absence of officers, Paul called the meeting to order

Present: Alex Loechel, Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Chrissy Wainwright, Cris Ewing, Steve McMahon, Carol Ganz

Absent: None


Minutes for October 16, 2014

Alex moved approval
Paul seconded
Unanimously approved (Carol and Crissy abstained)

New Business

Election of officers (president, vice-president, secretary)

General agreement on Paul to be President
Cris moved, Chrissy seconded
Unanimously approved

Alex moved Cris
Paul seconded
Unanimously approved with Cris abstaining

Carol moved Steve
Cris seconded
Unanimously approved

Confirmation of Treasurer
Jen Myers has served as our treasurer and is willing to do it again
Cris moved, Alex seconded
Unanimously approved

Unofficial Positions

Membership committee chair
Steve moved that Kim do this
Carol seconded
Unanimously approved

Andy Leeb has volunteered to handle developer agreements

Marketing liaison

Kim moved that Carol take this role

Chrissy seconded

Unanimously approved

Security team liaison

Steve volunteered for this unofficial role, as he’s already on the sec team mailing list.

Cris volunteered to be PyCon coordinator

Alex and Kim: PloneEdu

Chrissy: Plone.Com

Cris: Framework team liaison, communication; also with release manager

Kim: roadmap coordination/news

Carol suggested we need at least weekly news; she will help generate news

Chrissy volunteered to generally coordinate generation of news

plone.org: Paul will coordinate

Paul noted that we will need a sponsorship coordinator

Discussion of ideas for the new term

Kim suggested using the PF membership mailing list to work on some community coordination/consensus issues. Take advantage of the membership and give them more of a role.

Paul noted along with Carol that hoping for consensus from the membership is too much, but getting ideas is possible.

Paul/Chrissy suggested polling rather than email list suggestion.

Kim asked if there were ways to coordinate consortium style activities to promote Plone for competition in situations that need a focus.

Carol noted the Intranet Consortium as a currently working example.

Steve discussed the possibility of getting an executive director, a person generally charged with making things happen within the goals of the foundation. First chore to raise own compensation. Would need to be just the right person, highly trusted by the community.

General agreement that this would need to be addressed cautiously in budget terms: payroll can make money disappear fast.

Carol noted that our problem is often lack of project management rather than developers.

Brief executive session

To brief new members on past/ongoing confidential matters
No action

Steve moved adjournment

Carol seconded

Next meeting two weeks, 21:00 UTC