Minutes for June 26, 2014

Progress reports, PSM report out, CMS Critic's Choice Nominations



Present: Steve McMahon, Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Andy Leeb
Absent: Érico Andrei, Cris Ewing (both excused), Tom (Spanky) Kapanka

Approval of the minutes of June 11, 2014

Alex moved approval, Paul seconded

Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

We still need to announce a schedule for PloneConf proposals.

Incoming correspondence

A design for the EuroPython Plone 5 t-shirt came in from Stefania Trabucci.
Also a question: will the foundation sponsor stickers? Anything up to 100 euro is fine. More available by request.

New Business

CMS Critic's Choice nominations; we’ll get the word out to our folks, though this is strongly oriented to PHP, Java, .NET.

PSM Report out

Looks like we’re mainly doing this for Alex :)

Executive session to discuss some PSM events and strategic discussions
Executive session ended; no actions.

Old Business

plone.com/org progress

Lots of activity at PSM. Christina is doing a great job of moving materials along. Several stories are past the proofreading point.
Theme still needs some work, but is close.

Plone.Org, work in repo is continuing. We need to get a status update.
Paul could use some help on the 50-best products evaluation.

Advisory/ambassador board

We have the final picture. Not long!
Plone documentation is being translated by Jian Aijun to Chinese at high speed.


Need to make sure that voting, should it occur, will be coordinated with membership renewal.
Steve will make sure the Membership Committee handles its outstanding applications in time for voting.

Banner for Bristol is coming.

Review ongoing

Question arisen about the possibility of dramatically simplifying the contributor agreement process. Some projects are doing this, but would be still be able to change licensing if needed/desired.

Adjourned at 20:54