Minutes for July 10, 2014

Speaker funding, sprint sponsorship, Community Code of Conduct complaint and action, new Foundation members.

Paul called the meeting to order at 20:00 UTC



Attending: Érico Andrei, Alex Loechel, Andy Leeb, Steve McMahon, Cris Exing
Absent: Tom (Spanky) Kapanka

Approval of the minutes of June 26, 2014

Alex moved approval; Andy seconded

Unanimously approved with Cris abstaining

+ check if action items were followed up

Plone conf proposal calendar still needs announcing.

Incoming correspondence

Issue with recurring subscription payments. Jen is working on it.

GSOC payments: Matthew Wilkes asked if we would be willing to prepay for travel that will be eventually paid by Google.
Generally agreed this is OK and authorized.

New Business

Discussion on diversity, Code of Conduct and related matters

Steve noted the need to work on operationalizing the Code of Conduct for events. Do we need, for example, to have trained, named people on site able to take complaints and mediate or act.

Executive discussion of a particular incident that was informally reported.
No action in regard to the specifics, which have only been informally related to community members. But we have a great interest in improving procedures for future events, and will work on this.

Request for support for conference talk

Timo Stollenwerk has been invited to give a talk on Plone’s use of Jenkins at the Jenkin’s User Conference, and asked if the PF could support this activity.
Several of us noted that this is both a marketing and technical (like a sprint) activity, so not in just one budget niche.
Steve moved we reimburse up to 300 euro (approx 410 USD) for Timo’s expenses for this conference.
Cris seconded
Unanimously approved
Steve will notify Timo

Request for sprint sponsorship

We have a request for $1,700 USD for a community sprint (Zidanka to work on Plone 5 tasks). We do not have a team recommendation that this be regarded as a strategic sprint.

Cris moved

 we offer $300 for the community sprint, and that we’d be willing to do more if this is named as a strategic sprint by an established team. Note that we’re more willing to fund travel by sprinters than food and drink, and won’t fund alcohol.
Alex seconded
Unanimously approved

Request for disciplinary action under Code of Conduct

The board received a specific complaint of disruptive active on the #plone channel by Andreas Jung.
Andreas has received a previous caution from the board regarding his #plone communications, and several informal contacts asking for better behavior. In this case, a #plone op had placed a permanent ban on his channel nick and requested the board support that action.

General agreement that formal action under our Code of Conduct is necessary.
We discussed findings and actions based on the record presented. Steve was asked to prepare a formal letter that will need board approval before it’s sent.

Membership Committee update

Steve reported that the membership committee was unanimous in recommending the following for membership:
Alexander Loechel
Max Jakob
Tânia Andrea Moreira
Víctor Fernández de Alba

Voting. Multiple enthusiastic motions and seconds for each candidate.
Alexander - Unanimously approved with Alex abstaining
Max, Tânia, Victor — unanimously approved

Steve will notify and do formal chores.

Steve will also make sure we check in with folks who have draft applications to make sure they understand the need to promote these for review sometime soon if they wish consideration before the conference.

Old Business


Discussed evangelical/publicity efforts for EuroPython. T-Shirts and a poster have been commissioned. Paul will do the poster session. T-shirts will be given away to Plone community attendees at EuroPython. Any remaining will go to Bristol.

Review ongoing

No changes

Next meeting scheduling may depend on EuroPython events. There is a conflict vs the Plone social dinner.

Adjourned at 21:42 UTC